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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Fourteen----------
   --------Micah's Pov---------

         🌹 a newbie🌹

   "Here, let's go meet the school proprietors and get you registered "I heard their mom tell them and they followed her. 

   The short one walked past me and her hair flew about, 
Such a beauty! Never seen someone as beautiful as she is. 
   I looked at her until she was out of sight. 

  I ran to my friends, 
  "Did you see that? "I asked and they ignored me, 

  "If Micah have his first s3x between now and three months, 

  We are going on a tour to Washington DC and if he didn't ..... Then you guys will give us money for compensation! "

 "Deal! "Caleb and Teddy who seemed to be on the same side shouted and they all nodded. 

  "Are you guys betting on top of my head? "I asked looking at all of them and they laughed while Jason grabbed my shoulder smiling. 

  "Let's head into the class please, "he whispered and I scoffed. 

🗣School beauty here again! 
🗣Look at Teddy! His shoes are wow! 

🗣Oh the hell! Caleb! 
🗣Caleb gets more handsome everyday. 
🗣I will never stop wondering about the five of them being brothers. 

🗣I wish someday I will be married off by one of them. 

   I sighed. 

We hear that everyday we come to school, 
  Jade waved at them and Jason winked at a slim beautiful girl who stood with her friend as we walked past. 

 The more we walked through the hall way to our class, the more students gathered while some paved away for us to pass. 

  "You know, this people always make me so proud of my pretty face and stature"Jason whispered and I smiled. 

  "Am serious, look at these pretty girls calling me pretty and wishing I can be their boyfriend, 

 I wish I can befriend all of them and get them all fuvked on my bed "

  "Oh my gosh! You're a real badass Jason"Teddy who overhead added and Caleb smirked. 
  "I heard he's rooting for the school princess too"he added and Jason smiled, 
  "She's beautiful and probably my crush! "He said and Jade laughed. 

  "As if you ever have one crush"Jade said and we all laughed walking into the class, 
   We settled down on our seats. 

  I sighed taking up my phone to take a selfie and that's when a teacher walked in, 

 I kept my phone inside my locker and looked up to see that same girl I saw earlier at the parking lot. 

 Her head was bowed a bit just like a every fresher, 
   "Good morning class"he greeted and we all replied. 

 My gaze was at the girl, she wasn't looking at anyone but at her legs.

   "Uhm... We got a new student in here and... "He beckoned to come close and she did standing before us and then genuflected a bit without speaking. 

  "Say your name girl"I heard him tell her and she nodded looking up for the first time to us. 

 I saw her face, her pretty looking face, 
  "I'm Alicia, I'm a new student and I promise to be the best student you can ever wish for"

  "With your short height! "Someone from the class shouted and everyone began to laugh at the joke but I didn't. 

   She brought her face down again and the teacher helped her out by showing her where to sit in the class. 

  She bowed and went to where she was pointed to sit, and she ended up sitting with Jade in the class... 


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