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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  Roy stared at that creature seated on the ground blowing on her wound which had blood on it, 

 The taste was so strong that he could barely resist it, he sniffed loudly making the wind blow so terribly and that's when Elena noticed that someone was standing behind her, 

  She turned staring from the foot, to the smooth ironed pants with sexy legs showing out of it halfway, to the waist and then tilting up higher to see a face peering into hers

 Even though it was so dark, she couldn't help but panicking on how handsome he was, his hair was longer than hers, her shirt which was half buttoned with his bare chest and abs showing was a sight to behold for her, 

  He smirked showing his two crazy dimples which made her gasp, she had certainly forgotten about her anger, fear and scary thoughts as she kept looking at the more than handsome guy with an innocent face standing so close to her, 

    "Help me"she squealed holding onto his pants, his face made her think that he was a good person, his deceitful face! 

  She was deceived by the face she saw, she never knew she was touching the main beast of the woods until he pulled his leg away from her grasp, 

  "Get your filthy hands off me! And don't you dare touch me again! "He warned smirking while she was shocked to hear him say that, 
  "Take her away"he said to no one but she felt herself being dragged away by some unknown forces, 

  Roy turned and dissappeared in a swift to his house, 
   Elena was already there, she shivered terribly shocked to see him here again, she had left him only for about three second and here he is again, 

   She gulped stepping back ward, she was more than scared now especially when he began to step closer to her, 
   What kind of person is he? 
   He sniffed as he went closer to her while she shivered, 

  He stepped closer and closer until she she stopped moving, her back had just hit the wall, he smiled showing his dimples again before placing his two hands on the wall thereby caging her into him, 

 No escape for her at all, she breathed hard so scared, 
  He sniffed still bringing his tall feature down until he was upto her shoulder level, he pushed his face forward to her neck and then sniffed, 

   She needed no one to tell her again that he's a vampire too! 
   How can someone this handsome be a vampire? She thought closing her eyes and shivering as he continued to sniff her neck, 

   "Your blood woke me up from my warm sleep this night "he sang those melodious voice of his out to her, 
  His voice was that of a girl! His pony-tailed hair came flirting on one of his shoulder, 

   Long strands of his hair resting on the sides of his face seemed to add to his facial look,  

      She admired still even though she was at the verge of death, Calvan was no match for this guy in beauty! 
   "You're thinking too much girl, can't you make your head to stop talking? "

  He had been hearing her thoughts all these while, 
  Her mind didn't shut up, she was so terrified and Roy saw that, 
  "Your blood has a very strong scent which makes me think that... "

 He trailed his finger from her neck to her waist and then stopped coming back to look at her facial expression, 
   Gosh! He's romantic! He's cruel but romantic! 

  "Romantic? What's that!? "He asked after reading her thoughts, 
  "Are you hearing what am saying in my head? "
  "Is that what you've got to say to me? 

  Do you know whom I am? Aren't you scared of me? "He opened his teeth and his sharp fangs was visible, 
  She panicked but it didn't stop her from thinking how sexy he looked in those fangs, 

  "Sexy? What's that? "He asked hearing her thoughts again, 
  Oh shit! He's hearing every of her thoughts... 


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