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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔




      "Mommy "
  "Yes?? "
  "Can you tell me a story? "
  "About what?? "Her mom replied tucking her daughter's duvet under her arms with her head on the pillow, 

   "Calvan said that there are vampires living in the woods, is that true? And they can't see daylight so they always live in the dark cuz of their red eyes, 

  Is that true? Calvan also said that.... "
  "I've told you not to take Calvan's words so serious all the time haven't I? You're a princes and shouldn't be interested in stories "

  Her mom advised while she frowned creasing her face to cry, 
  Her mom pecked her forehead ready to leave the room so as to allow the maids to take care of her but she won't allow her mom to go for once, 

     "Just tell me, are they really in the woods"
  Her mom sighed sitting down on the edge of her bed playing with her hair and smiling, 
  "Well, I will tell you a little story"her colchian accent flowed out of her tongue, 

   "Okay mother "
  "Its a legend tho but no one have ever seen them before and came back alive to tell the story,
  They're really scary and feeds on blood, "

  "Blood? "She made a disgusting face, 
  "Yes daughter, they feed on blood but never dies easily except when pierced in the heart and that's not possible "
  "Why? Its easy! Everyone can fight and fight and then push that in to his heart "
  "No one can get close to a vampire not to talk of killing them 
   They are beast! You can hardly know them and one thing again about them is... "

  "What? "
  "They're so brutal and rude"
  "Can they fall in love? "
  "With whom? Maybe with their breeds, and... "
  "What? "
  "they sought for a royal blood which they can feed to make them mortals so they won't ever die"

  "Royal blood? "
  "Yes, so you've got to be careful about where you go and never go to the woods "
  "I won't"
  "Promise me"
  "I dont have to promise mother "
  "I know the kind of daughter that I have, so stubborn! "

  "Okay, I promise! "
  "Good and time to sleep! "
  "You haven't finished the whole story yet"
  "You've got to sleep now! Goodnight"she pecked her forehead for the last time and then bowed before walking majestically out of her room... 


    A vampire! They're real! They're so fuvking real!.... She thought as the vampire danced ontop of her while she whimpered panicking and thinking at same time, 

   Another snatched her away from the later and both of them started fighting on whom to have her, 
  She used that opportunity to run away, 

 She ran all she could with her heart in her mouth, she shouldn't have come here, she should've allowed herself to be caught, she should've stayed back, 

 She shouldn't have run away, she should've stayed to dance the balls and all will be over! 
  Running away from home was slowly becoming a bad idea to her as she ran with vampires swarming after her

  She's of royal blood so she must be a wanted person for them, 
  She was getting tired so she fell to floor while they all closed in on her, 

  She panted really scared and terrified, she looked from one face to another until one suddenly grabbed hold of her staring into her face, 

  Whoa! They're all cute except for being vampires, she have never human as handsome and pretty as they were... She thought even though she was in a tight corner, 

  She gulped as one smiled at her,  
  Gosh! This is the first time she's seeing other guys be so prettier than Calvan, 
    "You have a nice neck "he said with his red eyes rolling and rolling staring into her eyes, 

   He opened his teeth to dig it into her when breeze began to blow, everywhere became rowdy and all of them seemed to get the message of whom is coming, 

  It was Roy! 


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