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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



She ran as fast as she could and as she was nearing the exit gate of the royal castle, the alarm bell was rang and then ;
   "Find her! "Rang about in the air, she panicked raising her gown up higher and ran faster, 

  "Close the gates! Don't let her get away! After her all of you! 
   Get her before she crossed that gates! I'm gonna slit your throats if you don't come back here with her!!

 "Calvan rang out to the guards who were running after her while some had already pressed the gate chains and it was rolling down in a hurry to close, 

She panicked taking off her heels as she ran with her barelegs, 
   She was near the gate when one guard caught with her with a knife, 

  She gave the guy a flying kick jumping out to the other side of the gate, 
   "Get her! "Calvan shouted staring at her and she stared back with scorn, 

  He grunted watching her turn her back on him running away 
  "Hey you come here! "He beckoned to the guards near him and he came close, 
 He pulled out his sword and thrusted it deeply into his tummy,

  His anger didn't end there
  "The rest of you"he pointed at them as they panicked seeing how he dumped the other guy to the floor, 

  "The rest of you shouldn't come back here unless she's found! Did you get me! 

  And you Castrol! Go inform the king that the princess is missing! Go quickly! "He commanded while the so-called Castrol ran off to deliver the message while the rest of the guards ran off to catch Elena

  She ran as fast as she could, it was getting darker and darker but she didn't stop, 
  They will catch and chain her up again, 
  She ran more than fast while the guards legs thumped after her, 

  It got to point when she saw a cloudy smoke illuminating a very busy area infront of her, 

  She didn't want to get in there as she was more than scared but seeing the guards closing in on her she had no choice but to force her way into that place, 

  "No! My princess no! You can't get in there! "
But it was already late, she was already inside the woods, 
  She ran still thinking they were after her until she suddenly stumped into something and fell to the ground, 

   She had scratched her lap and blood was gushing out real bad out of it, 
 " Ouch! "She tried to get up but couldn't, 
  Faint noises and sounds were heard around her, silent footsteps and then silent groans, 

  She wasn't scared at first but when something over ran her from her back without her being able to see it got her scared, 
    She turned swiftly but that thing was gone,

  She manage to stand up and decided to go back, this whole place looked so scary to her, 
   She walked and walked but she was confused, she can't get the way which she came and the way to get out, 

   She panicked as she turned around walking about three paces when she felt like the whole place was spinning like a wheel, 
  What's wrong? 

Which way did she come? She was lost! 
   She looked around and that faint noises were increasing when something or someone suddenly grabbed her and pushed to the ground with that thing or someone ontop of her, 

  She looked closely at what it was, 
   The sharp claws, the red eyes and scattered broken faces reminded her so much about the tales her mom used to tell her, 

  The tales of the vampires who lives in the woods.... 


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