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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔


        **Episode_Three **

He sucked his blood and then dissapeared back to his den in a swift, 

  "Sir, your bath is ready"one of his maid or rather s3x slave spoke while he smirked seeing through her with his red fierce eyes, 

   She gulped hard, 
  "You're a human aren't you? "He asked her stepping close to her,
  She nodded not looking at his handsome innocent face which can be so intimidating, 

    He stepped closer to her scenting for her blood, she was new around here, he looked at her body to see that she was shaking, 
  "When did you start being a maid around here? "

  "Its... I... "He sniffed her neck "its... "She stammered the more shivering, he trailed his finger around her neck "your neck is so inviting and yummy"

   She almost shouted out crying if not that someone called his name:
  "Roy! "It was his brother Randa, he turned to look at him to see the sign he was giving him to come closer, 

  He eyed that girl briefly and then walked out of his room following his brother into his living room, 
  "What's it? "His husky voice spoke out with his adam's apple dancing as he spoke, 

   "The council needs your attention "
  "My attention? Why? "
  "I don't know, you have to check it out yourself"
  He scowled before pulling at his shirt which was half buttoned showing off his abs and sexy chest with his pony tailed hair dripping at one side of his neck

  He's indeed the real definition of handsome, having lived a hundred years and it feels like he's younger than an eighteen year old teen, 

  He's a rare breed of the vampire who don't grow old until they're up to hundred and then he will start growing old unless he drinks or sucks a royal blood, 

    He walked courteously with an air of pride , he came out and then went for the council hall, 
   He came in and all of them bowed for him, 
   He creased up his face for one of them who didn't bow very well for him and then in a swift he had cut off his head with his teeth with his mouth dripping of blood, 

   He's brutal, yes! He doesn't care if this vampire is his breed or not, he just kills without mercy, it seems he can't stay a day without killing anyone while anyone who never knew him will think he's the most holiest person you'd ever meet, 

   Everyone gasped and covered their mouth at just what happened and he smiled cleaning his mouth with the back of his hand and then shot each vampire a glare while they looked away, 

  He was waiting for any of them to question him on why he did that and he would've got that vampire killed immediately, 

  "So... "He sniffed for blood looking at all of them, 
  "Why did you call me? "His voice rang out, 
  "Uhm... "One spoke out as Roy sat down on the chair before them, 

  They made to sit down after he had done that but;
  "I never asked anyone to sit down did I?, now speak!! "He ordered with his face still appearing as innocent as ever, like he wasn't the person talking all these while, 

    "Humans, they come into the woods almost everyday for camping and... "
  "So?? "He interrupted getting fed up about the foolish news, 
   "Sir... "
  "What if they are coming? Aren't you happy that you won't have to stay hungry all day? "

  "Sir... "
  "Hush!!!! "He banged the table almost deafening everyone in there, 
  "One more word from any of you! Let them come! "He stood up and left them going back into his house and to his room

   A pretty young girl was naked on her bed probably waiting for him to get in, 
  He saw her and smiled while she winked and beckoned to her to get closer, 

   "Hey pet, I don't think I'm in a mood for s3x with you but this will do... "He jumped into the bed and inserted his sharp teeth into her neck while she struggled and struggled until she became lifeless, 

   He smacked his lips smirking at the lifeless dried body on his bed, 
    "Guards! "He ordered and two guards came in almost immediately, 
  "Get her out! And get me another pet of mine"

  "Yes boss "


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