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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  Calvan couldn't sleep all through the night, he was mad! More than mad! 
  Elena is missing and there's no way she can be found unless one goes into the woods and no one will go there, 

  Not even him, he don't want to die and likely because he's of royal blood, he doesn't want himself to be hunted by those terrible beast in there, 

   The next morning, 

 He resumed the search for his bethroted once again till in the evening, 
   He didn't want to stop, he shouldn't have been harsh towards her, 

 He shouldn't have pushed her too far into running away, 

  "Forget about her"his mom burted into his thoughts as he sat on the table ready to eat his night meal even though he didn't have the appetite to do such, 

   "Forget about her you say? She's my only hope of becoming the king of Albion! She's my hope of ruling this kingdom mother! I can't lose her and am going to find her wherever she may be"

  "Do you think she's alive wherever she is? "She asked him and he gulped, 
  "I don't know but... "
  "You can't be a member of that royal household"

 He frowned, 
  "Why? Father and the king were friends and that's why when father died, I was betrothed to the princess! "
  "You can't, have you ever wondered about what killed your father? "

   "I don't know "he shook his head getting curious to know, 
  "The queen... "... 
    Her eyes opened immediately she heard Calvan's mom call her name, she sat up from her bed and her eyes changed, 
  How dare her call her name? 

   She slipped out of her room withing a twinkle of an eye and was gone to Calvan's castle.... 

Next morning... 

   Calvan woke up after the morning alarm bell was rung, 
   He yawned and got down from his bed, 
  "Sire, your bath is ready"a maid announced before walking out of his room, 

   "Okay "he went into his bathroom to take a bath, on coming out,  a warning bell greeted him, 
  He craned his ear as he wore his clothes when one of his male servants bursted into his room, 

  "My sire! "
  "What's it? "He asked the panting servant who was out of breath, 
  "Your mother is... Is dead! "
  He was alarmed as he ran out of his room half dressed... 
   Yes! I get the blood scent! I get it! 
  I get the blood scent! 
  A fox blood mixed with that of the royals! 
  He looked up, sat up from his bed before opening his eyes,
  She's got a fox blood running in her veins!! 
   "Oh my! The fox! The fox is alive! "

  And this is her child!... 

She ran as fast as she could, she breathed hard, she had been running for the past two days now, everyone seemed to be on her neck, 

  Vampire's kept running after her, preying on her, 
  She had never seen a kind of nightmare until she came here, 
  She stumbled and fell for the hundredth time scraping her skin again, 

  All her skin is filled with bruises, what kind of life is this? 
  She shouldn't have left the palace at all, 

  She began to cry, she had been crying all these time but not been able to eat anything for these past days pained her so much, 

 She was too weak to even stand on her feet, 
  Vampires closed in on her, she lost hope of escaping the woods, she will die, 

  She prayed silently to the gods to forgive her sins and to her parents whom she have erred so much and then to Calvan who always wanted the best for her but she have always rewarded with her bad behavior, 

   "Whwgsbsksihwbskow"the vampires made noises as they came in on her, 
  She screamed closinh her eyes when one grabbed her up trying to dig in his fangs into her neck, 

  She closed her eyes still until she felt herself dropping to the ground, 
  She was weak but she tried to open her eyes to see that all of them were gone only one stood infront of her... 
  She tried to look closely but she lost herself... 


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