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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  She's so noisy up there in her head, something fishy about her blood smell too, something is so funny and tricky about her blood smell apart from the fact that she's royalty, 

   He thought sniffing her still, 
  *He's so damn sexy! His lips looks so kissable, wish I can just... *
  Her mind spoke again to his hearing, 

  He scoffed bringing his mouth closer to her neck so he could suck her blood but then she screamed out:
   "Don't do this to me, I'm... "
  "Hush"he hushed her by pressing his long first finger to her lips,

    She was shivering but not like other people he's met before, others do urinate on their skin while some even faint, some cry and weep calling into chi(personal god), some will die instantly but here she was only shivering and thinking crazy at same time, 

    He glared at her in order to scare about whole he is, a vampire who feeds on blood! A brutal one at that who take cares of the wood but her mind said otherwise;

  *Even though his eyes is so red, they're so hot! Oh my! Never seen a sexy vampire before*

   "Hot!! What's that? "He asked, he didn't know what that meant but her mind was saying it, 
  She didn't speak, she felt so embarrassed that he was reading her thoughts word for word, 

   He scoffed throwing her down to his bed, she landed on her back and she felt pain all over her back, she landed in a force and seems like she's got a dislocation on her waist area, 

   "Ouch! "She smooched in pain but he didn't care, he turned his face to her briefly, 
   "I'm going to come back for you when I find out what's wrong with your blood apart from being a royalty "he spoke harshly before walking out of the room, 

    An escape for her! He's gone! 
   The queen dressed up and went out to meet her husband who was in his chambers ranting, shivering and shouting at every guard, servant and slave to find his daughter, 

  She was confused but waited for him to finish with his business before she cleared her throat to alert his attention to her and it did make him turn his direction to her, 

   He sighed on seeing her and she came closer to him until he hugged her dearly patting her back, 
   "What's wrong? Why is everyone busy and nervous? "She asked after they disengaged from the hug, 

   He heaved, 
    "The princess is missing?! "He told her and she gulped widening her eyes, 

   "What! To where? She should be found! Oh my! This her stubborn attitude! Gosh! "She sat down on a richly-King armchair beside her supporting her jaw with her two palms which cupped her face

     "To where? "She repeated  her question to her husband who replied slowly:
Her hairs stood up immediately and she began to shiver terribly, 
  "What... What... What... What did you just say now? "

   "She's in the woods"
 She's finished! Oh bless the gods of Albion! 
  She was visibly shaken and she felt her transformation coming back to her again, 

   "Are you okay? "Her husband asked while she stood up hurrying out of the room, 
  He sighed, those weird behavior of her wife is back on her again, 

 Why does she leave in a middle of a problem, that's how he's known her to be, getting away when she's so troubled or so angry and then lock herself up crying and groaning for almost a whole day, 

   "My queen! "He called but she hurried faster to her room and then locked herself up the next minute finding a thick clothe which she put into her mouth and then began to groan as her whole body began to change, 

  "Yes? "He half paid attention to the person speaking, 
   "The girl has escaped "
  He raised up his head at the sudden outburst of the message, 

  "What did you just say? "
 "She escaped "
He chopped off his head with his sharp claws really angry, 
  What's he doing when the girl escaped? 

   And her.... 


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