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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  They let go off her and then dissapeared while she fell to the floor really wounded by those sharp fingers of that vampire who held her earlier, 

  She smooched in pain not aware of another being behind her... 
    Calvan was worried, the guards came back almost about midnight panting but without Elena, 
   "Where is she? "He asked curiously really angry, the ballet dance is still going on even at that time, 

  The king have shouted himself to sleep hoping that the princess will come back soon but was awoken by Calvan's shouts and slash ot a knife when the guards told him that she ran into the woods, 

  "Woods! Where were all of you? Why didn't you all follow her? Why? What are you guys doing here then! Gosh! Answer me! 

 She's in the woods.... "He slit a throat while the corpse fell to the ground with the blood flowing out like river, 
   "She's in the woods"he mumbled going to another guard again to repeat the same treatment, 

 He was so angry, his betrothe, his love in the woods doing what? 

  She's going to be killed by those invisible beings! 
  Before she dies in there, he have to pay her a last respect by killing this bunch of fools so they would guard her in the after life until she cross over to hades. 

   "You let her into the woods!! "He raged again slitting another throat while the rest shifted praying silently, they're doomed for sure and can't escape those cruel hands of his, 

  He raised the sword in anger to cut another person when the king's voice was heard:
  "Enough! Calvan put the sword down and tell me what's happening "

   He put the sword down with a heavy heart, words stuck in his throat for a while before he spoke out, 
  "She went into the woods"
The king was taken aback by what he heard, 

  "No, they can't be saying the truth all the time, where did you say she went into? "

"The woods they said! The woods where those terrible beings called vampires lives! "

  "Elena have killed me for sure! Get the queen! Sound the warning bells and a search warrant should be issued soon! 
  I want her found whether woods or not! Find my daughter!! "

 He babbled out orders before going back to his chambers, 
   The queen cleaned the blood on her lips after she finished eating up her maid and then changed into her normal features, her nose came out straight again, her eyes, her lips and then the shape of her face, 

  And then her body began to come back slowly, her golden furs disappeared slowly and slowly while her long hair began to get back to the normal color and length, 

  Her feet, her shape and then a knock was heard on her door, 
  She panicked and then tried hurrying her transformation but can't, 
   Her voice was not yet back likewise her eye color, 

  The knock came persistently followed by;
  "Milady, "
  Her voice came back slowly but huskily, she went to the door and opened small with only her head popping out, 

  "What's it? "Her husky voice spoke out getting the guard confused why her voice will suddenly be like that, 
   Her tails pushed itself into her body slowly while she graoned holding onto the door so that the guard won't see a thing happening inside her room, 

  "Are you okay? "He asked concerned but she threw him a glare, 
  "What did you come for? "Her voice was back to normal now, 
  Her ninth tail pushed itself in with full force into her body making her groan cuz of the pain, 

   "Ouch! "
 "Are you okay? "
  "Just tell me what you want and get out of here! "
  "The king said I should call you "

  "Okay, now go! "
He didn't leave immediately, he looked at the uncomfortable queen feeling like she needed help but her voice ringing out again for him to leave got him running away, 

 She stood up and then went to change her clothes, scent her body and then go see the king... 


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