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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  He stood up yawning and then went into his bathroom to take a bath,
 Two days later, 

   Calvan came back to the dungeon to see Elena who hissed on seeing him, she was still angry with him, 

  As in, if anyone hated her attitude, he's the least person to complain about it, 
   "Elena... "
  "What are you doing here? To finish up what you said? "

  He sighed unlocking the dungeon and then dumped some ballet costumes on her laps, 
  "Wear those, you're going to dance the ball this night"

  "And how many times am I going to say this to everyone!? I won't dance the balls! I can't dance and I don't wish to learn it too! "

  "You're... "He squatted to her sitting size and then raised up her jaw, "your dad asked me get you out only if you're ready to dance the balls else he will lock you up forever in here until you are finally in your senses "

  Her hairs stood up, rest of her life because of her own choice? 
   She gulped hard and tightened her fist gulping and looking into Calvan's eyes

   She will run away, there's no way she will do what her self, her mind, her heart and her soul is so much against! 
  "Will you dance the ballet or not? "
  She cracked her voice staring into his eyes, 

  "Are you this mean to me because of a dance? "
  His eyes fell out as she asked him softly, yes! It felt like he was doing this for himself and almost forcing her to do what she didn't want when he's supposed to protect her ideas and opinions, 

   "Its not, its just... "
  "Its okay, I will dance the ballet if that's to make you happy"she said soberly while he gave out a bright smile, 
  "I knew you would Elena"he pecked her forehead helping her to her feet with the costumes in her hands, 

  "Let me help you with this "he volunteered taking the clothes from her as she walked out, 
  She smirked, she's out now and that's the only she can escape now, 

   She turned to see if Calvan was watching her but he was, he even held her waist as they strolled into her chambers, 
   "Give me those and wait outside, I have to dress"she said as she banged the door on his face, 
  She sighed turning to see that her maids, slaves and servants were taking care of her room, 
  They bowed when they saw her and then took a hold of her arms helping her into a chair, 

  "How have you my princess, we've been worried "they said massaging her legs, her arms and shoulders, 
  That's not what she wants right now, she wanted all of them to leave her right this minute so she could do what she wants to do,

  🗣We were so worried 
 🗣Should I get your bath ready my princess? 
🗣I can ask the cook to bring in your food
🗣Milady, you need rest? 

Milady.... Milady this and milady that until she screamed out to them to shut the hell up! 
  "All of you out of my room! "

  They stared at her with curious eyes unable to move until;
  "I said get the hell out! "She shouted for the second time and they all disappeared 

  She sighed getting hold of her curtains and then began to tie them up to together... 

  Calvan saw all her maids rush out of her room and he smirked, his princess was always like that, never easy with anyone but after three hours and there was no sign of her, he became worried, 

   He opened her door to gasp at what he saw, 
   Elena has escaped through the window!! 
  He gasped again before ringing out his voice;
  "Guards!!! "
  They all gathered into the room, 

  "Find her! Find Elena!! She just ran away!! "

"Mmmmmmmmmm"he sniffed as he was almost retiring to his bed chambers, 

  What kind of blood is this? The scent is so different, 
  Its so complicated, 

  He sniffed again and then his eyes stood out as he sniffed again, 
  He recognize the smell now,

   Royal blood! 


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