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 Season 2

Episode 40

(Devouring (2)

If Zen had been an ordinary disciple at the marrow refining level, he would have been crushed into muddy flesh under the total pressure of one hundred thousand pounds.     

Even nature creatures could not endure this level of pressure.     

Though determinedly resisting the pressure, Zen was on the verge of being destroyed.     

Zen felt as though he was carrying a mountain. Even breathing felt like an impossible act.     

"It's unbelievable that a cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm is so strong. I have no chance to fight back!" Zen could not move at all, but he did not give up trying to find a way out of this situation. 

Now that he was in the state of forgetting himself, he could keep calm even when on the brink of death.   

Zen was concerned about the cracks that continued to appear on his body. 

Each bled profusely, and he knew that he was running out of time.    

 However, after entering the state, Zen could ignore the pain. It was as if his body had become someone else's body.

     Zen thought, 'What other options do I have?     

Broken Flying Knife…    

Dragon Scales…    

Spiritual Thorn…    

Zen figured, 'I have tried all of these and none seemed to work as I had hoped.'  

  The only cultivation method that Zen had not used yet was Heavenly Ogre Fist.     

Heavenly Ogre Fist was a tier-five cultivation method. And Zen was the only disciple at Cloud Sect who had knowledge of that method. Thus, its power could not be underestimated. 

However, it had proven to be challenging when Zen had tried it. He had spent a long time practicing it, hoping to produce a hint of demonic life energy.   

However, even after exhausting efforts, there had been no outcome.     

Zen doubted whether he could reproduce this cultivation method successfully.    

 Getting the tier-five cultivation method but not being able to practice it had indeed distressed Zen.     

Therefore, after many failures, Zen had to put Heavenly Ogre Fist to one side.   

  Now that Zen had come to the edge of life and death, and he had no other alternatives, he needed to try Heavenly Ogre Fist.    

 The pressure to act multiplied when Zen sensed that perhaps in a few breaths his body would be squeezed into pieces.    

 "I will not give in! The path of martial arts cultivation is full of obstacles. I have only recently started to climb the mountain, and I want to get to the top to look over the vast, wonderful world!" yelled Zen.   

'I will try again and see if I can produce the demonic life energy!' Zen decided.   

  By now, under the pressure of the lotuses, Zen's spine had bent into a horseshoe shape. Coincidentally, this was the starting posture for the Heavenly Ogre Fist cultivation.    

 In accordance with this action, Zen began to direct his life energy to flow throughout his body.     

'Force comes out from the heart, and then circulates via body energy lines — mysterious tubes for cultivation. Similar to blood vessels, body energy lines help carry life energy, life vitality, and so on throughout body; the energy runs into all the organs and cells, with endless circling...'    

Zen was familiar with the force operating method as he had already practiced it many times.   

However, he had never succeeded.     This time as well Zen failed.    

 Despite his disappointment, Zen did not give up. He tried again according to the method described in the book.     

There was still no effect the second time he tried.     


Two new cracks appeared on Zen's body.    

 In this short period, eight cracks had surfaced on Zen's body. As the number of cracks increased, so did the pace of blood oozing from these.     

However, Zen had no time to think about his wounds. He tried again.    

 This time, Zen felt as though something was stirring in his navel!    

 'That's it? Did I manage? Am I successful?' Zen was surprised.   

He felt a new kind of life energy, which was completely different from the purple life energy, emerge from his navel.    

 This must be the demonic life energy!     At the same time, Zen felt something exceptional happening.     

As soon as the thread of demonic life energy was produced, it began to devour the purple life energy in his body.     

The demonic life energy must indeed be powerful if it could eat other kinds of life energy!     

Zen knew that a cultivator could only have one kind of life energy in his or her body. In general, when one practiced another cultivation method and produced a second life energy, the cultivator had to release the first life energy completely to be successful.    

 But Zen didn't have to do this as the demonic life energy swallowed the purple life energy.     

While the purple life energy in Zen's navel reduced rapidly, the demonic life energy increased sharply. For a second, the demonic life energy filled Zen's navel.   

'Heavenly Ogre Fist is a tier-five cultivation method, so the demonic life energy would probably be more powerful than the purple life energy! Let me see how powerful the demonic life energy is!' Zen clenched his fists. It was impossible for him to relax while he produced the demonic life energy.     

He knew that his power was still too weak.   

  Zen had no opportunity to win, especially when confronted by a cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm like Vale.     

However, Zen had great courage and determination. He would try his best to fight, even when he only had a small chance of survival!    


Just as Zen drove the demonic life energy to flow in his body, something strange happened.   

Threads of demonic life energy gradually emerged on Zen's skin, and upon contact with the lotus flowers, the demonic life energy began to devour them.


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