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 Season 2

Episode 39

(Devouring (1)

"Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub..."    

Vale's heart was beating violently. The blood dripping from the wound on his face was dyeing half his face red. 

"Unexpected! This is really surprising!" He lifted one hand and wiped the blood with his sleeve. Then Vale turned to Zen and said, "Perrin howled like a wounded animal after a blow from you. You must have used the soul attack. No wonder Perrin lost so fast. You, a guy at the marrow refining level have mastered the soul attack cultivation method. It's really unbelievable!"    

Vale had experienced a lot of battles so far. Having escaped death, he realized that he had been naive to consider Zen to be a weak opponent.    

 "Well, I have to admit that I made a big mistake. You are a dangerous killer disguised as a weak opponent. If it weren't for my family-awarded soul protector and my strong soul, your flying knife would have killed me," said Vale calmly as he raised his hand to rub off the blood that was still oozing from his wound. "This injury is the price I have paid for underestimating you. You've done your best to hurt me. You should be proud. However, you still have to pay for your actions, even though you are Yan's brother!"  

As soon as Vale finished speaking, several lotus flowers blazing with pink light floated from his hands. However, these enchanting lotus flowers were powerful, dangerous killing weapons.   

  "I will pulverize you into powder!"    

The lotus flowers shot toward Zen so quickly that he didn't get the chance to escape. In an instant, his body was covered by the lotus flowers.    

 Every lotus flower carried the weight of ten thousand pounds.     

And over a hundred lotus flowers blanketed Zen's body.   

Zen's body was desperately absorbing the pressure and producing warm currents to refine itself.     

However, the pressure was too terrible. Even though Zen had a body similar to a spiritual weapon, he was unable to endure the pressure!    


 The sound of flesh splitting open was heard as a gash appeared on Zen's body.

 Before Zen could register what was happening, blood sprayed from the wound. Weakness coursed through Zen and he felt as though his body was on the verge of collapsing. It seemed as if he would be crushed by the combined weight of these lotus flowers.    

 "Brother!"    cried Yan. Tears poured from her eyes like a broken string of pearls.    

 She looked at the six-pointed star array around her feet in anger. A thought flashed through her mind, and she suddenly stopped crying.   

Full of despair and with no other alternative, she decided to use her powers!     

A tuft of life vitality condensed in Yan's right hand. With a deep breath, she let it float into the air and watched as it formed six small runes that circled slowly around her right hand.    

 "I must break through this trap!"    

The six tiny runes began to emit flashes of thin purple lightning.    

 Although the lightning flashes were tiny, the power emitted was terrible.     "Forbidden art — Death Lightning!"  

  The purple lightning spun faster and faster as it linked the small runes.    

 Yan's face turned pale in an instant.     Death Lightning was a forbidden art as it was a potent attacking method. Not only was the damage done by the attack method devastating, but at the same time, the user had to endure a super dreadful cost.   

If Yan had another alternative, she would not use it.     

But at the moment, she could not watch her brother die in front of her eyes.  

   However powerful the six-pointed star array might be, Yan would try to break through it at any cost.    

 Just as Yan was about to unleash the power of the Death Lightning, an old voice stopped her.    

 "No, stop! Stop it! Yan, do not use the forbidden art!" An old man with white hair appeared at Yan's side. He was floating about three meters away from Yan. A worried expression deepened the wrinkles on his old face.    

 Yan paused, looked at the old man, pointed to the mountainside that had lit up with the white light column, and said, "I will stop if you unravel the six-pointed star array and let me go there. Don't worry. I won't leave Hell Mountain. I just need to solve a problem!"  

Upon hearing Yan's request, the old man smiled bitterly and said, "The six-pointed star array was set up by Jone. How can I open it? Besides, other than you, there are five other people jailed on the top of Hell Mountain. Even if you don't flee, I can't say the same about them."   

 The old man's explanation sounded perfectly reasonable.     

A total of six people were trapped on the top of Hell Mountain; each more powerful than the next.     

The six-pointed star array was quite complicated, and setting it up had been a challenging task for the top-ranked magic array master, Jone. Aside from him, no one could unravel it.     

Yan bit her lower lip, looked at Zen's figure that was covered by the lotus flowers, and implored, "Okay, I will not destroy the array, but you must save my brother!"  

The old man smiled and said, "I don't need to save him. It seems that someone has come to his aid."    

"Who is it?" asked Yan anxiously.   

  The old man pointed at a flying chariot that was nearing Hell Mountain.     

"Her? Princess Aura?" asked Yan. Her expression conveyed the doubt she felt. Why would Aura come to save her brother?     

"Zen is Master Su's disciple," explained the old man. "Now that Princess Aura has come to save Zen, he will be fine."  

  "I hope so." After hearing his explanation, Yan calmed down slightly. 

Then she turned her head and quietly observed the incident on the mountainside. If anything bad happened, she was ready to break the six-pointed star array by force!     


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