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 Season 2

Episode 36

(The illuminating soul realm(1)

Perrin lay on the black gravel with a look of despair in his eyes.     

"Something must be wrong," Perrin said to himself. He was confused about what was happening.    

 Yet, he couldn't figure out what the issue was.     

When Perrin was at the Luo Clan, he made tremendous progress as he had consumed one of the only two Magical Pills owned by the clan. After he joined Cloud Sect, Perrin became acquainted with the Wang Clan. He then used Yan to acquire benefits from Vale. In this way, he had reached the level of nature creature in a short time.     

From among the members of the Luo Clan, Zen's father, Mike, had been the only one to attain the status of a nature creature.   

Once his father and uncle assumed control of the clan, Perrin had naively imagined that his future would be bright and smooth.     

He had compelled the elders in the clan to allow him to consume a Magical Pill as he had envisioned using his new strength to revitalize the Luo Clan and earn the reputation of being the most influential clan in C County.   

  But today, Zen had defeated Perrin after only a few rounds. His dream had shattered.    

 "I'm a nature creature. Why am I so vulnerable? How could I be defeated by a person who is only at the marrow refining level?" Perrin muttered to himself. He stared at Zen with vacant eyes.     

"All your achievements are useless. The only reason you have reached this far is because of the power of pills," replied Zen. A cold smile danced on his face for a brief moment. Then, sadness reflected in his eyes.   

Among the noble clans, many people like Perrin had reached high refining levels by taking pills, but they lacked practical experience. They would lose when confronted by cultivators like Zen who had been in actual combat.    

 After saying that, Zen turned his head and rapidly blinked his eyes. He didn't want the others to see his emotions.    

 If his father hadn't been killed, Zen would never have hurt Perrin. After all, Perrin was his cousin. They were both children of the Luo Clan.     

But, Zen's uncles, blinded by power and greed, had led the revolt within the Luo Clan and in the process, murdered Zen's father. Ever since Zen had sworn to avenge his father's death.    

 "Billy, I have defeated Perrin. Are you going to avenge him?" Zen turned to Billy and asked. On the day of the initial exam, Billy had helped Perrin by instigating four men to kill Zen. From that day on, Zen disliked Billy.   

Billy was ready to charge at Zen, but Vale stopped him. Surprised, Billy pouted and said, "Brother, this bloke is so arrogant. He not only defeated Perrin, but he has also dared to challenge us. Are we just letting him go?"    

Vale shook his head before walking toward Zen. "Though you are only at the marrow refining level, you have shown commendable courage. Very good! You are truly Yan's brother! Both of you are equally gifted," Vale praised Zen. Billy's mouth gaped open when he heard Vale.     
Vale had just bowed to Zen three times. And now, he was praising Zen. Billy knew that Vale was enduring Zen's hostility for Yan's sake.    

 Zen had scolded Vale, but Vale had pretended as though he hadn't been offended. In view of Vale's reaction, Zen believed him to be a very calculating person.     

"But," Vale's soft tone rose, and his gentle eyes sharpened at once.   

At this time, Vale began to release his homicidal intent of lotus. The soft rays of light on Vale's body became sharp and stiff, like a hedgehog's quills. Then Zen felt a prickling sensation.     

"As Yan's brother, you can't go to the top of Hell Mountain, let alone rescue her. 

There are only a handful of people in Cloud Sect who can help Yan escape from Hell Mountain. And I, Vale, am one of those people. I would like to know why you said that I am not good enough for Yan," said Vale.     

At the same time, the homicidal intent of lotus emanating from Vale's body pressed toward Zen. Had Zen's soul not been strong, it would have been difficult for him to withstand the attack.    

 "You are great, but what can you do to me?" asked Zen fearlessly. Then, with a shake of his head, Zen continued, "Yan is my sister. Of course, I will rescue her. I don't want to bother others with our problems."    

Hearing what Zen said, Vale chuckled and replied, "You're only at the marrow refining level. Perrin is at the first grade of the nature level. It is fantastic that you were able to defeat him. However, you are as weak as an ant in front of me. Be humble, okay? If you were not Yan's brother, I wouldn't even be talking to you," said Vale scornfully.   

As he spoke, a delicate flower bud appeared on Vale's shoulder. Within moments, it blossomed into a beautiful pink lotus.     

After the lotus bloomed, an intense white light shone from Vale's body.     

By now, the sun had set, and darkness descended over the mountain. The light beam from Vale illuminated one side of Hell Mountain.     

Everyone was attracted to the light.     Even the dedicated cultivators on Hell Mountain cast an astonishing look toward this light.     

"Who is burning his life vitality? It seems like he is powerful!" claimed a man.   

"He is a cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm! What astounding skills he has! What is he doing here on Hell Mountain?" asked the other.     

"At Cloud Sect, the disciples dressed in purple are the top-notch who have special masters to teach them. And that man in the white robe is an outer disciple," replied an experienced man among them.     

"It's impossible. How dare an outer disciple be so bold? It would be easy for a cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm to kill an outer disciple. Oddly enough, he is burning his life vitality against a weak outer disciple."   

 The people on Hell Mountain whispered among themselves. They were greatly concerned about what was happening.

     It was rumored that a person at the Illuminating Soul Realm    was a more powerful life-being than a nature creature!   

From among the hundreds of thousands of disciples at Cloud Sect, only a small number of people could reach this realm. And each was a purple-robed disciple.

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