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 Season 2

Episode 35

(An Unavoidable encounter(2)

Zen's response irritated Vale but he tried his best to keep calm. Still, it didn't prevent his smiling face from turning a little gloomy upon feeling humiliated by Zen's harsh words. Before he could even answer back, Billy interrupted him with an angry look on his face, "Damn it!" Zen was thrown off by Billy's sudden outburst, and this did not escape Perrin's eyes. 

He also retorted back loudly in a stern voice, "You can't tell the good from the bad! You even dared to humiliate Vale!" 

In spite of the anger in his voice, Perrin actually felt a little more relieved. He had been expecting to kill Zen but the brat had overestimated himself and offended Vale, a disciple who directly acquired skills from his master. 'Zen, Zen, you are such an idiot. You dare displease Vale, and now there's no choice for you but death. You brought this upon yourself, ' Perrin thought.   

To this, Zen only sneered and he coldly replied, "So what? Perrin, what else are you good at apart from hooting?"  

  Perrin was furious. He said, "Zen, you are only an outer disciple of Cloud Sect. How dare you talk back like that to me. 

Tell you what, you are nothing to me. Today, I will let you see what strength is and how I will overpower you!" As soon as Perrin finished his words, streaks of blood-colored light radiated from every part of his body--it was his life vitality.    

 Perrin recently climbed up the levels quickly one after the other. After quite a diligent refinement at the half-step into the nature level, he had become a nature creature. Of course, he was able to achieve all this through the Wang family's tremendous support. He originally practiced the Purple Light Fist.

 However, at this moment, the life vitality radiating from his body looked like a light plasma. This refinement skill was actually obtained by learning from a tier 3 refinement method of the Wang family.   

Perrin was quite confident that he could defeat Zen by only one move, because he thought that Zen was only at the marrow refining level.     

"Really?" Zen fired back mischievously. Zen clenched his fists as he stared at Perrin with shrewd, calculating eyes that seemed to send daggers. "Since you are so confident, I'd like to take a look for myself!" he added snidely.     

At that exact moment, the tangy, pungent scent of blood emanated from Perrin's body. Perrin had many reasons for killing Zen aside from him being an outcast of the family and offending Vale. He had waited a long time for this moment, and when he got it, he rushed headlong towards Zen and flung a fist at him as soon as Zen's voice died away.     

"Blood Burst!"  

  "Coagulate, burst, kill..."    

As Perrin gave his all for this punch, life vitality burst out of his body like a bloodbath.   

Bright red blood had splashed all over the floor and suddenly, a sizzling sound was heard. Apparently, the blood was extremely torrid.     

Zen was prepared for a punch like this from Perrin, and so he was cautious and took everything seriously. He hurriedly flinched backwards to dodge Perrin's swift, continuous attacks.    

 Others felt that it was hard to confront Perrin.     

In addition to having to evade Perrin's violent fist, they also had to avoid being attacked by the blood-colored life vitality that sprang up from Perrin's body, or else their skin and flesh would be instantly corroded upon exposure to the fiery heat that could burn one off limb by limb.    

 However, this was nothing for Zen.     Although the blood-colored life vitality was fairly corrosive, it didn't scare Zen at all because his body had been turned into a spiritual weapon.   

Occasionally, the blood-colored life vitality rested on certain parts of Zen's body and created some little holes on his robes because of its corrosive properties. However, when his skin was exposed to the life vitality, only some faint black marks could be seen even though one could swear there was a sizzling sound that strongly resembled burning.     

Zen was dodging and moving swiftly around Perrin.     

"Perrin, you are just a jerk relying on enhancement pills. Despite reaching a very high level, your strength is still so mediocre. Are you sure that you can beat me?" Zen mockingly said as he dodged Perrin's attacks.     

"You are risking your neck! Blood Burst Fist!" roared Perrin as he threw another punch at Zen.    

 "When we were at the Luo family, you said that I was a jerk and you were much better than me! Did you remember saying that you could even kill me only by one hand?" sneered Zen coldly.   

"Yes, so what?" Perrin had tried his best to bring all his strength and skills into play. However, Zen wasn't hurt at all. Perrin was getting anxious. He was confused as to why Zen was so hard to defeat since the guy was only at the marrow refining level. 'Why can't I defeat him with my Blood Burst Fist?' thought Perrin. Zen's mocking words also provoked Perrin and made him even more furious, clouding his mind with an uncontrollable rage.    

 As purple life energy flashed all over his body, Zen detected Perrin's weakness. 

Upon realizing this, he immediately attacked Perrin with a crushing fist to take advantage of his weakness. As he flung himself forward in the attack, Zen threateningly said, "You are a nature creature, but just like a jerk. Now, let me see how you will kill me."    

Perrin swiftly winced back several steps as his weakness was exploited, and the great pain he suffered from the attack made him positively livid. Despite the obvious discomfort, Perrin swallowed his pain and rushed forth toward Zen once again.   

This time, Zen didn't dodge, but directly countered the attack with a grim smile on his face, as he stabbed a dusky sharp thorn into Perrin's skull.     

"Spiritual Thorn!"    

Perrin had planned to rush towards Zen to give a swift attack, but he was unexpectedly stabbed by the thorn of Zen's soul right on his head when he focused his energy on dashing directly at Zen. At this, his head felt muddled and haphazardly flung his body forward towards Zen.    

 Zen immediately gained the upper hand and grabbed Perrin's head, taking control using his hands. The purple life energy was emitting from all over Zen's body as he beat Perrin's chest with the Purple Fist Strength.    

 "Both of us are from Luo family, so I will not kill you. But tell you what, I will absolutely kill Bryson and Ken when I go back to Luo family. Then, I will turn their figures into sculptures to lie flat in front of my father's tomb and worship him for ten thousand years on bended knees!"  

As soon as Zen finished his words, seven loud dull sounds were suddenly produced from inside Perrin's body.

Blood had suddenly burst out from Perrin's middle, hands, and feet. All of Perrin's critical meridian channels had been ruptured by Zen's Purple Fist Strength. By now, Perrin was just like a disabled person, as Zen had made it impossible for him to use any of his refinement methods.     

Meanwhile, Vale, who stood on one side, just remained silent when he saw that. It seemed that he was deep in thought about something.     

However, Billy, on the other hand, could no longer just stand there without doing anything. He got along very well with Perrin. At first, Billy thought that it would be very easy for Perrin to get his hands on Zen since he had become a nature creature, but everything that happened just now was extremely contrary to his expectations. Perrin had been instantly suppressed by Zen and his meridian channels had been broken. Billy was enraged when he thought that Perrin couldn't use any of his refinement methods anymore.   

"Brother, why didn't you stop that guy?" Billy, who was rather angry with Zen, turned to Vale and asked him.    

 However, Vale only shook his head and replied, "The conflicts between Perrin and Zen are their family businesses. It is inadvisable for us to intervene. After all, Zen is Yan's biological brother."   

 Of course, a disciple who had grown up in a big, noble clan, thought that way.     Vale was so smart.    

 A while ago when Perrin had stammered as Vale asked him the question, he had figured out what Perrin was plotting.    

 Vale knew that Perrin had never mentioned Zen in front of him only for the sake of his own private interests. To be specific, Perrin wanted to gain more benefits from the Wang family by taking advantage of Yan.   

Zen wouldn't have that deep aversion and hatred towards the Wang family if Perrin had told him the truth earlier.

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