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Season 2

Episode 31

(The guards of the hell mountain (1)

The room was filled with an uneasy atmosphere as Master Su and Zen stood face to face.    

 From the nuances of both very strong figures, it was quite evident how strong yet irking the personality of the master was. Her hostility was the product of having to grow up isolated in the Burning Sky Palace. She surely must have been distanced from most of the civilization. 

With a childhood such as the master's, who would not have walls built around themselves? Nevertheless, she was a Royal Family member, and no one would dare disobey her.    

 Although she had long surpassed the seclusion of the palace, trying to forget how royalty ran in her blood, she had inherited the stubborn character of the king and queen. This was something she could never outgrow—whatever she wanted, she had to have her way. Being born in sovereignty, obstinacy was a trait that she could never grow out of.   

This was why the other masters at the Cloud Sect who knew of her identity would argue with her only if they absolutely had to.     

Once they noticed the slightest hint of irritation from Master Su, they would immediately set aside their opinions and ideas if it meant they did not have to argue with the woman. Master Su, possessing the beauty of a thousand splendid women, also possessed a fiery dragon inside of her that would awaken every time someone got on her nerves. 

That being said, anyone would hate to become the man Master Su would spite.    
 And at this very moment with Zen in front of her, it was easy to tell that she was about to snap.     

Several masters of Drizzle Peak came over when they heard the rage of Master Su, trying to find out what was going on that the dragon within had to come out.

 The expression on her face resembled the sky before a storm, and when they saw that this was the case, they all came crawling back to their respective lives, not wanting to get involved.   

However, Zen was different—unlike everyone else, he was not afraid of Master Su. He was even fearless enough to ask for his card back, gravely repeating his request, "Master Su, give me my card back."    

Usually, Master Su would burst out in flames, but this time she chose to clench her teeth in desperate attempt to become as level-headed as possible. With an imperceptible grievance plastered on her face, she pouted and hummed quietly to herself before tossing the card back to Zen.     

When Zen finally got a hold of his card, he thanked the master and left immediately, as if he did not brew a storm.   

Although Zen knew that the master was mad at him, he knew for sure that Master Su would never harm him; that her questions were only meant to relieve her of her own worries as she was concerned with Zen.     

As much as it would be the right choice to stay and settle things with Master Su, he did not want to waste a second delaying his venture to Hell Mountain so the feelings of the woman were the least of his concerns.     

Zen walked down the path at Drizzle Peak and headed toward his destination.    

 The same amount of apathy Zen felt for Master Su was the same amount of worry Master Su had for Zen. She paid him mind from the moment that he left to the seconds that followed after his departure. She could not help but wonder about the mysterious guy. 'What could be so important to him that he was so anxious to leave? What was he hurrying about?' the master thought, 'I have no idea now, but I'll be sure to find out what exactly that man is up to.'  

She walked out of the room to take care of her self-assigned business. The master approached the pavilion by the mountain ridge for a Picture Slab located at the center of the canopy.     

The master congratulated herself silently for having such a swift plan at monitoring Zen from afar by attaching something on his disciple's card before she handed it back to him. The slab that she was now operating was something she could use to monitor Zen    

Through the picture, she saw that Zen went down Drizzle Peak and headed to the northwest of the Cloud Sect.    

 Master Su frowned and wondered, 'In Cloud Sect, all thirty three peaks are distributed in the south while the Heavenly Library is up at east. The northwest corner of the Cloud Sect is surrounded by wild life and mountains, so why is this man going in that direction? It makes no sense.'  

The master was trying to reconcile and piece the puzzle together and thought, 'What is in the northwest?'    

And it was then that she realized what Zen was planning. 'Hell Mountain, ' she successfully resolved, 'He's going to Hell Mountain.'    

The only thing left for the master to find out was what Zen wanted from the mountain.     

The so-called mountain was located at the very edge of Cloud Sect, so it was not a very ideal place for a man to visit. As Zen was about to finally arrive at his destination, a dark mountain emerged in front of him, blocking his shot.     

There weren't any trees or vegetation growing around that mountain, If you looked at it from a distance, the mountain almost seemed as if it was completely pitch black. It made perfect sense why people referred to it as Hell Mountain.    

 A dense gray smoke was constantly being released at the top of the crater that resembled the steams of hell.   

The smell coming from the cloud had the smell of strong sulfur. This smell quickly filled the air.    

 Zen had lost his peace of mind when he thought about his sister, Yan, possibly inhabiting the cruel place.    

 The closer he got to the mountain, the more he got suffocated by the smoke surrounding him. But, he thrived. He thought of his sister, like he always did in his trivial times because every time he did this he would be an inch closer to his goal. He finally made it to notice a very distinct demarcation line.


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