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(Just one punch (1)

The outer disciples of Drizzle Peak were crestfallen. After three humiliating defeats, Wurth had finally earned them a victory. However, that had been short-lived.    

 When the short man that defeated Wurth challenged the remaining disciples from Drizzle Peak, none accepted. It was indeed sad that from all the disciples at Drizzle Peak, none were suitable for the challenge.    

 When Zen said he was going to fight, his voice was not loud. But it was penetrating so that all the people could hear him.     

"What? Zen wants to fight with them on behalf of Drizzle Peak?"    

"No, he can't. He did beat Leo, but Leo was only ranked 30th from among Drizzle Peak's outer disciples. What makes Zen think that he's qualified to fight disciples from Vulture Peak?"  

"God, We are done for. We are about to lose this challenge. I will not get the elixir next month. How will I cultivate then?"   

 The outer disciples of Drizzle Peak bemoaned their situation.     

The short man in the battle ring stared at Zen. When he heard the comments from the crowd, the jeering expression on his face intensified. "You? A guy at the marrow refining level? Haha... Well, I'll take on your challenge. But don't expect me to show any mercy!" 

 Challenges between peaks were common. To ensure that each peak had a fair chance to win, usually the top 30 ranked outer disciples, namely each peak's most elite students, were selected to fight.    

 It was rare to see a disciple within the top 30 ranks who was not even half-step into the nature level!   

Now a guy at the marrow refining level was going to represent Drizzle Peak against them, which undoubtedly surprised the disciples from Vulture Peak.    

 "Hey, Drizzle Peak, did you give up so soon? Are you going to let a guy at the marrow refining level fight against us?"    "I bet it's going to be a big joke at Cloud Sect. I was worried that Drizzle Peak would send Henry to fight. Now, it seems that I worried needlessly."   

 "Your concerns were certainly superfluous. Even if Henry was not cultivating in seclusion, would Jesse Liu lose to him? How is that possible?"   

 Not many people from Vulture Peak had come to watch the contests. As few as they might be, the disciples from Vulture Peak now looked arrogant because they believed that Drizzle Peak had no disciples who could match their skills. 

And now, a disciple at the marrow refining level was offering to battle with them.   

The disciples from Vulture Peak were not the only ones to think it was ridiculous. Many outer disciples from Drizzle Peak also felt that way.    

 Unfortunately, there really was no suitable disciple from Drizzle Peak who could compete in the ring.     

Henry Hao, who was ranked first, was refining in seclusion, and the disciples who were ranked higher than Wurth did not dare to go into the battle ring.    

 Their concern was not the short man who defeated Wurth. No, they were confident that they would be able to parry with him successfully. What worried them were the contestants from Vulture Peak that would come after they vanquished the short man.    

 If they fought indiscriminately, they would not only humiliate themselves after their defeat, but they might also be seriously injured, which was even worse.

   This was why the top few disciples were now silent and cowering in the corner. They felt that they had no choice even if Zen failed. Drizzle Peak had lost most of the competitions anyway, and they didn't mind losing another if it meant that they would not sustain any injuries.    

 They were afraid even before the battle!     
Zen slowly and deliberately walked to the ring. Then he stared at the short man standing opposite him.     

Zen had witnessed the man's fight with Wurth. His best feature was his incredible speed. Zen figured that he might not be able to compete with this man in terms of speed, but when it came to strength...     

With a confident smile on his face, Zen made a slight bow to his opponent and said, "You just told Wurth that we could only learn your name when we beat you."   
 The short man let out a shrill laugh and cried wildly, "I'm afraid you'll never know my name!"  

Zen shook his head and replied, "You never know until we fight."   

 "Hum, Drizzle Peak is strange! How dare a boy at the marrow refining level talk to me like that? I was going to teach you a lesson by kicking you out of the ring directly. Now, I have changed my mind. I'll show you how significant the difference is between the marrow refining level and half-step into the nature level!"    

No sooner had the short man said this than his figure disappeared from the spot and sprang at Zen, like a gust of wind.     


Zen took a step forward just as his opponent was halfway through the sprint, and his fist hit the short man in the face with great precision.    

 At this point, the seven dragon scales in Zen's mind were radiating green light, and a tremendous amount of power was transferred to Zen. Combined with Zen's strength, it converged at his fist. His punch carried a terrifying amount of power!   

The short man was shot back more than a hundred feet. His body collided with the battle ring's sidewall with such force that half the bricks exploded and fell over him. Everyone present was uncertain of whether he survived the blow.     

"I also want to know what the difference is between the marrow refining level and half-step into the nature level... And I'm not really interested in knowing your name... " Zen stated while flexing his wrist with a deadpan expression.   

As these words were spoken, a deathly silence hung in the ring and its surrounding areas.



  1. Zen is back( ^∇^)

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