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Suspended in the air and bathed in heavenly golden light, Jesse looked like a God. Everyone could feel the power and pressure radiated from Jesse.     

The weaker outer disciples were so overwhelmed by this pressure that they were forced to kneel on the ground.   

  The golden light turned into a huge golden circle and fell toward the battle ring. Eventually, it surrounded the arena.     
Jesse stood by the edge of the golden circle with outstretched arms. A few quick gestures later he said, "Destruction Hoop! Go!"   

 A person who was able to reach the nature level was said to have surpassed the limits of human life. Usually, such people had not only profound wisdom but a trump card as well.   

Destruction Hoop was Jesse's trump card.     

However, this move cost him a large amount of life vitality.     

After the exhausting battle with Zen, Jesse still had more than fifty percent of his life vitality. The moment he summoned the Destruction Hoop, the remaining life vitality was depleted. 

Standing by the edge of Destruction Hoop, Jesse turned pale and almost fell to the ground.     

Jesse had been reluctant to use the Destruction Hoop.     

He had cultivated this method with the hopes of using it to clinch a win during a Sect contest. If he revealed his secret weapon in advance, his future opponents would be cautious and prepared.    

 Given how the battle between him and Zen was going, Jesse couldn't think of a better idea.     

Aside from the Destruction Hoop, Jesse was unsure of what other attack methods would secure his victory against Zen.   

What upset Jesse more was that he was forced to use this key advantage for a boy at the marrow refining level!    

 The marrow refining level...    

 Jesse had been confident that he could beat Zen easily. For a nature creature, dealing with a refiner at the marrow refining level would be as simple as squishing an ant. However, he didn't expect to face such a difficult situation.     He could not accept defeat!     

"Since you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"    

Jesse roared. When the challenge began, Jesse had intended to incapacitate Zen so that he would be unable to retaliate.

 He had not planned on killing Zen. However, as the battle wore on and Jesse felt humiliated, he became eager to terminate Zen.     

Of course, Jesse was quite confident of the power of the Destruction Hoop. Even nature creatures trapped within the circle would be seriously injured. Since Zen was only at the marrow refining level, Jesse was sure that he wouldn't be able to survive the destructive powers of the circle.   

The Destruction Hoop began to emit a brilliantly colored light. People could feel the fluctuations of life vitality starting to gather in the battle ring.     

Since the cultivation method used the word Destruction in its name, people sensed that it might have the strength to destroy everything encircled by it.    

 However, Jesse was only at the first stage of the nature level, so the Destruction Hoop would only draw a relatively small range to eliminate the lives within it.     

If Jesse broke through the nature level and reached a higher level, his Destruction Hoop would be powerful enough to destroy all the creatures on a mountain.     

When the energy of the Destruction Hoop gathered to its limit, it flashed a magnificent golden light that shot toward the sky followed by the sound of a loud explosion.   

The Destruction Hoop was so peculiar that it could concentrate all of its power within itself. Even if someone was standing outside but near to the circle, he would not suffer any injuries.    

 Thus, the energy within the Destruction Hoop was concentrated, just like a volcano waiting to erupt.     

The outer disciples of Drizzle Peak turned pale when they saw the terrible power of the Destruction Hoop.    

 The area inside the Destruction Hoop looked like hell. Under such a powerful attack, they all thought that Zen's body would be torn to pieces.     

Most disciples were horrified and shook their head when they thought that Zen would not survive this time.     

Since the Destruction Hoop's golden light continued to twinkle, the disciples of Drizzle Peak did not have a clear view of what was happening inside the enclosed area. Helpless, they closed their eyes and prayed that Zen would survive.   

After a short while, the energy of the Destruction Hoop dissipated, and the golden light began to fade.     

As the light receded, the edge of the arena could be seen.    

 The battle ring was badly damaged. Whereas earlier it had been smooth, now it was covered in potholes.     

As for Zen, people didn't see him. They thought that Zen had been killed.    

 They all felt sorry for Zen.     

However, just after the golden light faded, a figure suddenly rushed out.  

   This person was devoid of all clothing. But his body was covered in wounds. He darted to the edge of the battle ring and aimed a punch at Jesse.     

Since Jesse's life vitality had been used up, he couldn't stand steadily. Focused on maintaining his balance and staying upright, Jesse didn't see this person headed toward him. The surprise blow caught him off-guard, and Jesse was thrown out of the battle ring. Upon impacting on the ground, Jesse passed out.   

Zen stood at the edge of the arena. His chest heaved with the effort to breathe.     With his spiritual-weapon-like body, he had survived the Destruction Hoop.   

  Zen was still a bit afraid of Jesse's final attack.    

 Although he was well aware of the terrible power of nature creatures, he had to fight harder than when he faced White and Black Fiends at Dragon Fort.

     With careful thought and precision, Zen had taken advantage of the flying knife to kill White and Black Fiends. They didn't get the opportunity to use their weapons before their death.     

In retrospect, Zen was relieved that he had killed the two Fiends before they used their weapons. Seeing how destructive nature creatures could be, Zen was no longer confident that he would have won against the two Fiends had they used their weapons.

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