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(The homecoming)

Standing on the other side of the crumbling icy hill was an authoritative-looking man. He was taller and stockier than most of those present and had a squared, rugged face. 

Thick eyebrows gave him an intimidating air, while his eyes sparked with wisdom. His cheeks were cut high, clean and deep, giving him a chiseled aspect. Adding to this daunting visage was the heavy armor he wore, bearing lifelike flying dragons carved on the ends in the front.     

The imposing man was Floyd Xun, one of the two vice generals, and was known as Flying Dragon General, the anchor of stability within the Dragon Fort.     

After the last of the ice crystals shattered, Floyd Xun continued pointing his index finger.    

 Impressively, Floyd only needed to gesture using one finger to crush the icy hills and the entire ice valley.   

Watching his display of talent, Zen couldn't help but be stupefied. He thought, 'Wow! His talent is amazing!'   

 "Randall, you repay my kindness with this? Even after being granted three promotions, you go and do something like this! You're a disappointment to me!" In Floyd's eyes disappointment flashed. 

    "Gen... General… I.. I didn't mean to. It's just that the Zhuge Clan..." related Randall, stumbling over his words. Floyd frightened Randall out of his wits. At that moment, it dawned on him, that the chase Zen had led him on, was a setup from the start!    

 "The Zhuge Clan? It doesn't matter how powerful the Zhuge Clan is! The imperial army is not for sale! As an officer in the imperial army, you have a responsibility! 

Yet, you dared to ignore the military disciplinary protocols willfully. You really failed me!" Shaking his head slowly, and then looking at Randall, Floyd barked, "Tell me, do you have any last words?"  

The imperial army was under the direct command of the Burning Sky Palace. 

Many soldiers from within the top seven noble clans also enlisted in the imperial army; however, Floyd held a high rank, and he wouldn't kowtow to the pressure that the Zhuge clan exerted.     

"I..I.."    Randall's response ended before he finished it. As it dawned on him what Floyd had just said, his face turned ashen, and he gulped hard. If he had understood Floyd, there wouldn't be a trial or prison. Floyd was proposing to execute him on the spot! Randall turned to run!     

While he chased Zen, Randall sprinted very quickly, and now, he ran faster!    

 However, Floyd caught up to him, with just one step.   

In a single step Floyd was able to cover a distance of nearly a quarter mile, and in the blink of an eye, he was right behind Randall. He reached out and with his finger, Floyd poked Randall's back.    


Although Zen didn't see any wounds on Randall's body, he did see blood spurting from his mouth. Randall fell to the ground gurgling as he choked on his blood. Within seconds, his suffering was over, and he was dead.    

 'So… So very strong!'    

thought Zen. This man, Floyd, was a real martial arts master!     

Watching Floyd's attack techniques, Zen felt as though his blood was boiling.    

 Randall might have been at the fourth rank in the natural level, but, he was a fragile ant compared to the Flying Dragon General!   

Zen deemed, 'After I study for years and master such great skills, I shouldn't have any problem in saving Yan easily!'    

After slaying Randall, Floyd turned to Jon and ordered, "This matter is over. I don't want to see anything affecting the morale of the Dragon Fort army!"    

Jon replied, "Yes sir, general!"    

For a moment, Floyd gave Zen a meaningful glance, before briskly striding away. It only took a few seconds before he was out of Zen's line of vision.    
 After being scrutinized once for mere seconds by Floyd, Zen felt a disturbing pressure, and within, it was as if the general had gone through all of his secrets. Even quite a while after his encounter, Zen's heart was still racing.  

   While calming himself, Zen faced Jon. Gesturing respectfully, he said, "Thank you, Officer Gou! If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I wouldn't have survived this ordeal."  

Laughing briskly, Jon said, "Think nothing of it! Roger has reminded me repeatedly, that it's my duty. But to be honest, it's more amazing that you lured Randall out so far!"    

Jon knew Zen was much stronger than other refiners of the same level, but Randall's strength was much higher. 

Among the mid-ranking officers at the Dragon Fort, Randall was the only one to learn the "intent". Jon didn't even have complete confidence that he could beat Randall.    

 However, Zen ran a great distance while Randall chased him, so Jon thought highly of Zen. It had taken some doing, but he eventually understood why, before Roger left, he insisted Jon should do his best to coordinate with Zen.     

If Zen survived many decades into the future, he might very well become an influential figure. By then, Zen would be worthy of great admiration from the Meng Clan.   

However, right now, there were too many geniuses in the world, and too few of those would ever be successful. Zen's future would be written over time.    

 After disposing of Randall's remains, Jon returned to the Dragon Fort.    

 Zen, on the other hand, went to join Martin on the original road.     

Martin didn't know Zen's plans, but he trusted Zen. The last time Zen fled, he was pursued by the queen blade locust, and he escaped unharmed. Therefore, Martin was confident Zen would rid himself of Randall during the chase.  

   Commanding the Green Haze group, Martin and his troops lingered on the spot. Two hours passed before Zen got back.     

"Zen, where's Randall? Is-is he...?" questioned Martin. Honestly, he wanted to find out whether Zen had killed Randall, because he knew Zen managed to obtain the crystal core from the queen blade locust.   

Nodding, Zen confirmed, "Yes, he is dead."  

"Did you really kill him, martin asked, his eye widened.

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