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(All living creatures below the nature level (1)

There was an old saying that best described the refining of martial arts. 'All living creatures are below the nature level.'    

To some extent, the journey of martial arts only started after entering the nature level.     

After stepping into the nature level, life energy was completely transformed into life vitality. The refiner could then continuously absorb the vitality from the outer world, from heaven to the earth, and became a creature of a higher level.    
 Once they had attained this transformation, refiners at the nature level were called nature creatures. 

Although they were still human, they were very different from a normal person. A clear boundary separated nature creatures from normal humans! 

  This boundary was called longevity.     The life span of an ordinary human being was about 70 to 90 years. Although a few humans could live until 100 years of age, they were considered to be very old and long-lived.   

  However, these natural creatures had a minimum life span of 150 years! Being able to live longer and stronger was one of the most fascinating aspects of martial arts.   

  This was the reason why refiners at the nature level were called nature creatures, thus differentiating them from ordinary humans.     

The white smoke and black smoke that was being generated from the life vitality of White Fiend and Black Fiend covered Zen from head to toe.     

Zen looked up and around. Except for the black and white smoke, everything else around him had disappeared. He could not even see Martin who had been standing right next to him.   

 This smoke could not only obstruct a person's vision, but it could also mute sounds. Because of this, Zen could not hear any other sound, except his breathing.     

In the face of such a bizarre scene, Zen stood quietly without moving around. He knew it would be wise for him to remain calm and adjust to the changing surroundings. He needed to think carefully before taking any action.    

 The black smoke and white smoke was so strange that their function could not be limited to isolating a target. There must be some other purposes that Zen did not know of so far.     

Zen remained alert to solve this mystery. Before long, the mass of black smoke began morphing into a human figure brandishing a long knife. Then it headed straight for Zen!   

'Wrap yourselves in smoke to hide your figures and attack under this camouflage. If that is another function of the smoke, then it is not hard to deal with!' Zen thought after analyzing the situation quickly.    

 Without any hesitation, Zen rushed toward the smoke and punched it before the long knife could injure him.    

 Zen channeled all his power to his fist. As his blow landed on the black human-shaped smoke, a deafening sound replaced the silence.     

Then the smoke exploded and dissipated.    

 Zen frowned when the smoke vanished. He hadn't been expecting this result.    

 He had thought that White Fiend and Black Fiend were hiding in this cloud of smoke. But now, it seemed as though the human figure and the knife were illusions generated by the smoke.     

After he scattered the black smoke, other masses of black smoke floated toward him from the side. This smoke also transformed into human shape, armed with a long knife aimed at Zen, just as the previous smoke had done. 

  "Bum!" "Bum!"   

 Faced with three clouds of smoke, Zen aimed two punches at the nearest clouds of human-shaped smoke. They, too, disappeared like the previous smoke.   

  Just as Zen was about to attack the third cloud of smoke, a black fist silently appeared and landed a blow on Zen. Since Zen had not been expecting this, he was caught off-guard.   


The sound of the fist punching his body was deafening. It also indicated the extent of the power wielded by a refiner at the nature level.    

 Besides his powerful punch, Zen was defenseless. He wasn't even dressed in armor! As a result, he was pushed back dozens of feet before he landed on the ground. The impact and force were so strong that Zen rolled on the ground several times before coming to a stop.

   'The power of a refiner at the nature level is terrifying! Fortunately, I have refined my body to be a spiritual weapon.

 Otherwise, I would have been severely injured by this punch!' Zen thought as he slowly stood from the ground. After his body had been refined to a weapon, Zen noticed that there had been considerable improvement in his resistance against strikes. So, he had absorbed almost all the power of the Black Fiend's punch.     The warm current coursed in his blood-vessels, refreshing his body. But Zen was not satisfied.    

 He had not found a solution to break through barriers set by the black smoke and white smoke.     

Since Black Fiend was hiding in the black smoke, White Fiend must be in the white smoke. These two people's talents were peculiar! Zen could not spot them even though he had been studying the smoke all this while.   

He stood still, observing his surroundings. It was not long after he stood up that a mass of white smoke began changing its shape. And this time, it turned into thousands of troops that rushed toward Zen.     

Soon, Zen was encircled by the smoke-troops. Unsure of what to do, Zen cautiously studied the smoke-troops. It was hard for him to identify the location of White Fiend from the smoke around.   

  At this moment, Zen had not yet been a half-step into the nature level. Although he could form mature life energy, he could not release his life energy to disperse these thousands of troops quickly.     

He could only fight against them passively. Zen steadied himself and began attacking the smoke-troops nearby to disperse them. Equally, he was quick to dodge any attacks from the smoke-troops.   

"Go to hell!" Zen shouted to the smoke. As quickly as he could, Zen launched a series of attacks.     

Bam! Bam! Bam! The sound from the break-up of the smoke followed Zen's punches.    

 Instantly, more than ten clouds of smoke in human form were smashed by Zen's ceaseless blows.     

However, as quickly as Zen had broken up these clouds of smoke, new smoke appeared.     

It appeared as though White Fiend and Black Fiend were generating the smoke-troops and attacking Zen continuously. 

In this situation, Zen could not get a break. He began struggling with defending himself from the smoke-troops that were running toward him from all directions.   

"Hahaha! Let me see how long you can withstand our attacks!" While people were easily exhausted, the smoke-troops generated by White Fiend and Black Fiend would never get tired. They recovered soon after Zen smashed them. This was the reason why White Fiend was very proud of his abilities. It was also why he spoke to Zen with arrogance and confidence.     

As soon as White Fiend finished his provocation, he formed a fist from a cloud of white smoke and punched Zen in the ribs.     


The blow was so mighty that Zen was pushed back again. He seemed like a kite with a broken line. With this attack, Zen found himself flying dozens of feet before hitting the ground. The force was so strong that a loud sound echoed in the otherwise quiet scene.

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