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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 98❤👑


King Roland’s POV ♥️

‘Help them!!’..I yelled helping some of the injured men out of the burning castle..

‘Get down!!’.. Gregory yelled and another dynamite blew which created a large gust of smoke..

‘We have to retreat,you have lost enough men already Gregory!’..I yelled coughing tiredly and chronically but he refused…

‘My family heirloom is inside there Roland!! I can’t leave without it’..

‘There are a lot of casualties already!! What part of that do you not even understand?! We have to leave now!!’..I yelled as my temper rose but he still remained adamant even though his leg was badly injured..

‘My castle and might have been fallen but there’s something called a name!! I can’t leave without it Cousin so this is goodbye!!’.. he ran into the smoke and I yelled..


Alondria’s POV ♥️

The Next Morning ⛅
I woke up in a yawn and flinched as soon as I spotted Nana Rose on the edge of my bed..

‘You really have to start knocking and stop scaring Nana Rose’..I panted heavily and she hit me with her stick..

‘Oww what was that for!?’..

‘You are stubborn young woman Alondria’..

‘Ugghh isn’t it too early for this??’..

‘I sense a great darkness Alondria and you will be put to the test’..She replied and I rolled my eyes…

Here she goes again with her uncrackable Proverbs..

‘Nana I’m really tired and not in the—

‘Are you going to marry Edward?’..She asked and I sighed deeply..

‘I haven’t made a decision yet Nana and it’s much harder than you would expect’..

‘Well I hope you’re planning to say yes because the whole Kingdom is in jubiliation of some sort about your marriage to him’..


King Roland’s POV ♥️

I coughed loudly as the fire finally died down and I rushed inside to find Gregory..

‘Spread out and find him!!! Find him!!’..I yelled at the remaining men who were alive and they all dispersed..

‘I found him your highness!!’..One of them called out and I ran over to where he was and there Gregory laid —Lifeless and void..

‘No Gregory,don’t die on me now!! Please don’t die on me now’..I whispered as I rested his head on my lap and he coughed roughly..

‘It belongs to you now Roland and it’ll help you when you need help the most,kill her Roland and do it slowly’..He whispered and finally gave up the ghost..

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