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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 97❤👑

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️

‘His troupes have left for Duke Gregory’s castle your highness’..The spy I sent to Arilea broke the news to me and I smiled..

‘Thank you,prepare the dynamites’..I ordered and he bowed and left..

‘Is this your plan?? To rule the seven kingdoms?? Your mother and I never taught you to be this power hungry’..Father said as he rolled in on his wheelchair..

The whole Kingdom think he’s dead but he isn’t really..

All I did was poison him so he would be paralyzed and the problem was solved..

‘You are lucky I haven’t thrown you into the dungeon or fed your pathetic body to the rats in the sewers old man’..I replied and he spat on the floor..

‘You will never be satisfied Reana and it’ll lead to your doom I promise you’..He said and I signaled the maids to take him away..

For now he’s just here as a decoration but when I’m finally done with my agenda I’ll kill him for sure and kill my brother too..

I thought he was dead all these years but he happens to be protecting the one woman I hate the most..

Alondria’s POV ♥️

I paced back and forth in the garden as I tried gathering my thoughts and all of a sudden Edward held my hand..

‘What’s wrong my love??’..He asked and I could see the love in his eyes..

‘Edward there’s something I need to tell you’..I muttered and he shushed me..

‘Don’t worry I know Roland now knows that you’re his Alondria and I’m super relieved that he isn’t taking you say from me’..He said and then brought out a locket from his pocket..

‘What is that??’..I couldn’t help but ask.

‘It was supposed to be for Cassandra,I wanted to give it to her as a wedding gift before she died and I….I….I don’t care how long I have to wait but I will wait for you Alondria and I want you to have it’..He replied with his eyes glazed in tears and tears streamed my cheeks..

‘Edward I’m sorry but—

‘You don’t have to say yes to me now Alondria but one thing you should know is that I would always love you’..He whispered and when the tear escaped his eye and I couldn’t bear it anymore..

‘Edward I….I…I have to go now’..

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