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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 96❤👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘What is going on??’..I asked as Gregory hopped into his horse..

‘My castle is under attack and I have to leave now!!’..He said and rode off before I could even get to know what was really happening..

‘Wh..What’s going on??’..I asked Roland as soon as I spotted him in his battle armour..

‘My brother is dead and Reana has pledged an attack against my kingdom and i have to protect it at all cost’..He replied and cupped my face in his hands..

‘What if…What if…I want to help’.

’No my love but I’ll be back and I promise you this’..He kissed my forehead and a tear escaped my eye..

I can’t lose him now??..

Just when I got him back now he’s going to fight a war?..

‘If you need help just send a message’..I whispered and he nodded and also rode off..

How can a woman be so power hungry to the point where she doesn’t even think about how badly she’s ruining herself.

I swear on my life that if anything happens to Gregory or Roland she will pay for it..

‘I see you have found a suitor already’..I heard a familiar voice and when I turned around..


‘I missed you so much my dear and you are looking as beautiful as always,my little birdies told me you have been keeping my Kingdom in peace’..He said and I nodded like a little girl..

Minutes Later ♥️
‘Something tells me you’re in a love triangle’..He said as I helped him bring out some of the books in his study..

‘How did you—

‘I saw you and that King of yours and then saw Edward kiss you,I haven’t been your father for too long but I know a triangle when I see one’..He replied and I sighed deeply..

Finally I have someone I can talk to about this dilenma..

‘I love Roland father and I know you don’t approve of him because of the past but I learnt to know the truth and forgave him just after I told Edward that I loved him too’..I babbled on and on and he smiled.

‘Do you love Edward??’..

‘Yes I do but not as—

‘You love Roland,the more you’re keeping this to yourself the more complicated it becomes Alondria’..He said..

‘They both asked me to marry them and I —


‘Yes father’..

‘Say no to the person you don’t want to marry and say yes to the man you truly love,all you need sometimes is to boss up and say the truth’..

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