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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 92❤👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️

🎶I don’t like my mind right now?
Stacking up problems that are do unnecessary.
Wishing I could slow things down.
I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic..
And I drive myself crazy thinking everything’s about me..
Yeah I drive myself crazy cause I can’t escape the gravity..

‘Hey’..I heard as I skipped the stones on the little pond and when I turned around it was Alondria..

‘You could’ve revealed your face to me and hate me,I would’ve really understood’..I murttered and she rolled her eyes..

‘Did you ever visit my grave?? That is if there was a…

‘Your supposed grave is in the secret garden we used to escape to,I had you laid to rest there’..I interrupted her with the hurt clearly reflecting in my voice and she gulped hard..

‘I hated you Roland…I…I wanted to hate you’..

‘I know’..

‘I wanted to make you suffer”‘..

‘That I also understand’..
‘I made a deal with your brother because of what I was going through’..

‘What?!’..I flinched and she chuckled..

‘I’m serious,but i lied anyway cause there’s no way I would literally want to help my enemy’..

She looked beautiful..

She looked radiant and was bursting with confidence which is an aura I haven’t seen around her before..

‘I failed you Alondria and I’m sorry,I was a—

‘Shhh you don’t have to say anything’…Before I knew it she kissed me and our hands linked with each other..

‘I heard what you said about me to princess Emelda which is technically me and that just proves it all Roland’..

‘Hmmm’..I smiled as my hands curved around her waist..

‘What??’.. She asked..

‘You know I thought this would be all filled with tears and blame and hatred pouring out but instead it’s the opposite’..I replied and she kissed my cheek this time..

‘Well let’s just say I’ve gotten over it Roland’..


‘What is it this time??’..

I stared into her eyes to get one last confirmation and pinched myself to be sure it wasn’t a dream..

The woman after my heart is really here!!..

And she’s alive and well,not only in my dreams but she’s right in front of me and my hands are holding hers..
‘Roland I asked you a question??’…She snapped me away from my absentmindedness and I flinched..

‘Ohh I uhhh…I love the way you call me Roland and not your highness’..I muttered and lowered my lips to meet hers again.. 



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