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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 90❤👑
Edward’s POV ♥️

‘Do you really know how to even fight with that sword??’..I frowned and asked the so called King Roland and he snickered in return..

‘I might not use it frequently but that doesn’t mean I don’t use it’..

‘How about a duel?? We seem to want the same woman don’t we?? come to think of it I already have the woman’..I bragged and some of my men cheered on…

‘Point of correction I am not here for your woman,I’m only here for an alliance’..He said..

‘Still a probable cause for a duel don’t you think?? let’s fight pretty boy’..

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘Fight!! Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!’..I heard cheering from outside where the gaurds trained and went outside only to see Edward and Roland facing each other..

‘Stop this!! They’ll kill each other!!’..I begged Duke Gregory but he smiled instead..

’Let them fight Alondria’..He said and after some moments I realized he called me by my real name..
‘How did you—

‘I figured it out soon enough,the veil,your eyes and you’re the only person who knows about the day i stepped in horse poop’..He replied and I pursed my lips…

‘Does he know??’..

‘Sadly,no he doesn’t know and I think he is very dumb to not even recognize the woman he’s been grieving for…He loves you Alo’..

‘Please don’t tell him anything….Yet, until I figure everything out don’t say a word to him’…

Minutes later ♥️
I sat on the terrace along with mother and Livia for the so called duel that was about to begin between the person I lied to about loving him(Edward) and the man I truly love but can’t bring myself to reveal who I truly am to(Roland).

‘This is such a disaster’..I grunted and crossed my arms..

‘It is what men do my dear,the work issues out on the battlefield’.. Mother added and together we both watched…

Edward launched himself straight at Roland and I was scared to the core at first but then he blocked the attack with no effort and sent Edward straight to the ground..

They both began to fight and from what I noticed Edward used every power within him but Roland fought with no effort whatsoever at all..

Where did he learn to fight like this??..

‘Arghhh!!’..Edward screamed and fell to the ground without shame with Roland standing on his back with one feet..

‘Yes!!!’…I yelled in excitement and my veil fell off…

And he saw me..


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