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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 89❤👑

 Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️

My legs were shaking and my hands instantly went numb as he finally walked away..

Just when I was giving myself more reason to hate him now he comes and does this?!!..

What is really wrong with everything?!..

Why does fate keep playing these games with me??..

Why did he have to tell me that he regrets everything he’s done and has hated himself for what he did without even knowing that I’m his Alondria??..

What do I even do now??..

‘Are you alright my love??’.. Edward asked as he stood next to me.

‘I’m alright, goodnight’..I quickly responded and walked away..

The Next Morning ⛅
I woke up groaning loudly and jolted seeing Nana Rose seated in front of me..

‘How did you…how did you get in here??’..I asked and yawned loudly which made her chuckle..

‘I am your godmother after all so I have the right to see my goddaughter’..

‘So what are you really—

‘You still love him don’t you Alondria?’..She hit me with the question I was so dreaded to answer..

‘I…I…I don’t know Nana’..I stuttered and sniffed loudly..

‘Ohh but you do know my dear, you do know the truth and how you feel you’re just scared to accept it’..She covered my hands with hers and I bursted into tears..

‘I still love him very much Nana Rose and I can’t do anything about it!!He haunts my dreams every night and I…I love him Nana’..

‘I know you do my dear,I know you do but first there’s someone you need to really tell how you feel’..She whispered and I nodded..

There’s only one thing to do now…

I have to tell Edward that I don’t love him like he wants me to…

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