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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 88❤👑
Alondria’s POV 🎀

At Night 🌃

I did everything possible to avoid Edward and his sweet charm until night came and I was alone in the room..

I closed my eyes to get a little shut eye but then dreams of Edward and Roland fighting to death wavered it’s way into my imagination and I woke up panting heavily…

Nana Rose said I already knew the answer to my problem but she never said the solution…

What do I do now??..

King Roland is clearly persistent on talking to me about the whole alliance and I can’t keep up with this charade any longer…

‘Can’t sleep??’.. Mother asked as she came in with a lamp and I propped myself up..

‘You do know who he is mother so why aren’t you hostile towards him??’.. I asked..

‘I do want to kill him but at the same time I see pain in his eyes’..She replied and I scoffed loudly..
‘Of course he’s in pain! Everyone turned their backs on him at the last minute including his own brother!’..

‘Are you sure??’..Her brows perked up and I sighed deeply..

‘I need to think outside,maybe a dose of fresh air would do me good’..

Minutes later ♥️
‘Can’t sleep??’..I heard another voice from behind me in the garden and I instantly knew who it was..

’Are you stalking me your highness??’..I asked turning my back so he wouldn’t see my face..

‘Ohh I’m not stalking you.Look I…I know you don’t think highly of me because I’m just some basic king who wants to marry you for an alliance’.. He said..

‘Well your words not mine’…I replied in a husky tone and he sighed deeply..

‘Do you believe in love Princess Emelda?’..


‘Yes love’..

‘I believe in love but I don’t believe in the power of love anymore’..I replied and a tear escaped my eye..

If only I could turn back and yell at him for making me feel this way..

‘I once loved a woman even more than I loved myself..or at least I thought i did, I was busy loving her that I was blind to all the darkness surrounding the both of us.

She was accused wrongly of a crime she didn’t commit and I was so scared that I…i..I let them hang her,I have never forgiven myself for how I failed her and till now I blame love for making me so blind,I blame love for making me so weak and till now I hate myself for what I did..She…she didn’t deserve to die and she did.

So you see princess Emelda—The power of love can make you do stupid things and it made me do something very stupid,it made me lose the one person I cherished the most’..

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