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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 87❤👑

Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘You’re too scared to admit the truth’..These words echoed in my head continuously as the carriage stopped in front of the castle..

My veil was on thankfully as I came out of the carriage only for King Roland to welcome me..

‘Uhh what are you doing??’..I asked as he linked his arms with mine..

‘Escorting you inside your highness,you look stunning today’..He replied and I felt butterflies playing in my belly..

‘If you act like this then people would think we’re a couple’..I whispered and he smiled warmly at me..

‘Like I said before,you look stunning and you have the most beautiful eyes’…

My eyes..

He would always say how much he loved looking into my eyes everytime we snuck into his secret garden..

Why am I thinking about that now??..

‘Pardon me your highness but I feel like I should get going’..I quickly turned to leave but then he held me back..

‘I don’t know why but I do feel like I know you Princess Emelda’..

‘Let go of my hand or I would have your sorry ass thrown out if my kingdom and that of your charming cousin too!’..I snapped and he let go of me..


That was so close..

King Roland’s POV ♥️

‘I like her’..I whistled as I sat next to Gregory who was busy writing letters to other friends of his friends who would help us..

‘The princess?? I figured her arrogance would grow on you eventually’..He muttered..

‘No not her arrogance,she isn’t arrogant at all she’s just stubborn like…’..My voice trailed off as soon as I remembered Alondria and my heart ached..

Here I am fancying another woman when the one person I loved the most died all because of me..

I would never be able to forgive myself for what I did to her..

‘You made a mistake Roland and you owned up to it,that should be enough’… Gregory placed his hands on my shoulder but I shook my head..

‘Nothing can vindicate my actions Gregory,Her blue eyes still haunt me but…but…Princess Emelda’s eyes looks exactly like hers and…Who am I kidding anyway?’..A tear escaped my tearduct and he patted me on the shoulder again..

‘You have to pull through Roland, Alondria still lives amongst us—Not physically but she lives in our hearts and we would forever love her’..

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