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(The woman after his heart)

 Episode 84

King Roland’s POV 

‘I like her’..Gregory said..

‘What??’..I turned around sharply..

‘I like her’..He repeated and I rolled my eyes..


‘She’s very sassy,very well eloquent and trust me that is the definition of a true queen’..He said and I scoffed loudly..

‘What is wrong with you?? She didn’t even give us a chance to speak before dismissing us and you like her?? All I see is a proud princess’..

‘I have experience in these kind of things more than you know cousin and what she’s doing is perfect for a queen…She is making a statement’..He replied..

Here Gregory goes again with his philosophy and all..

‘What statement exactly??’..I frowned deeply..

‘That she isn’t weak,most queens when encountered with a dashingly handsome prince like you are easily manipulated into marriage don’t you see?? She is making a statement and clearly telling you that she doesn’t care who you are’..He explained and I nodded..

That is pretty admirable of her..

I have always respected a strong woman..

‘But I’m here to ask for her hand in marriage,if I can’t even get her to even talk for a minute how do I form a marriage alliance??’..I sighed deeply and he chuckled..

‘There is more than one way to form an alliance dear cousin but let us sleep on this first alright?? By tomorrow we’ll handle everything’..

Alondria’s POV ♥️

At Night 
I crossed my arms lightly and leaned onto a tree for support as I watched Edward skip rocks on the lake..

‘Should’nt you be with your knight in shining armor or something??’..He asked and I smiled warmly..

‘I don’t have a knight in shining armor,I can slay my own dragons myself’..I sat next to him and showed him how to skip rocks correctly..

‘I…I am sorry for lashing out at you in that manner Edward, you’re more than just my royal gaurd’..I said..

‘I guess I was also out of line in there, I just don’t get why he’s here all of a sudden and I…I don’t want you falling into that trap again’..He responded and covered his hands with mine and looked deep into my eyes which made me uncomfortable.

‘He doesn’t know it’s me yet and I don’t plan on revealing myself to him anytime soon so you don’t have to worry about me’..I patted his shoulder and got up..



‘You said I am more than a personal gaurd to you,what am I exactly??’..He asked..

‘A friend Edward,a very good friend’..I replied…

‘What if I told you that I want to be more than friends with you Alondria’..He got up and before I knew it his lips covered mine softly..

This feels so right but yet why does it feel so wrong??



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