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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 83❤👑
Alondria’s POV ♥️

I had to hold onto my dress to prevent myself from lashing out or breaking down in front of him..

I thought I was mentally prepared to face him but I guess I was very very wrong..

He looks even more handsome than the last time I remembered..

He shed some weight and with his hair cut he looks so rugged and at the same time calmly looking…

Oh God why am I thinking of him now??..

‘You should have sent a messenger in advance before this visit your highness’..I spoke very eloquently and with poise, carefully shielding my fear..

‘Pardon me for the impromptu visit your highness but I come here for urgent matters’..He replied..

‘What urgent matter?? Your royal ball?’..I asked and I noticed his frown..

‘No your highness I—

‘We’ll talk about this later,the maids have prepared a room for you and your comrades,right now I have some urgent matters to attend to’..I quickly stood up and walked away to avoid a nervous breakdown.

Minutes Later ♥️
‘Did you see the way he looked at me?? Did you see the way he bore into my eyes Marco??’..I paced back and forth while nipping my bottom lip..

‘He didn’t recognize you your highness and I could sense your fear from the other side of the room..What are you going to do??’…He replied and I opened my arms wide..

‘I don’t know Marco!! I just don’t—

‘Please explain what’s going on your highness??’..Edward walked in on the scene and I covered my face in frustration..

‘Edward i—

‘The bastard is here?!! He should be thrown into the dungeon Alondria!! He should be hanged and then his head should he cut off just like what he did to you?!! And you gave him a roof over his head?!!’..He yelled..

‘Look Edward it’s a lot more complicated than you think’..I sighed deeply..

‘A lot more complicated?? Pardon me your highness but there isn’t much to any complication in this matter!!’..He said aloud..

’Listen to me Ed—

‘Did he recognize you??’..

‘No I wore a veil but he—

‘As your royal gaurd I propose an assassination!! He doesn’t deserve to stay here!!’..He yelled and I just couldn’t take it anymore..

That’s it!!..

‘Let me remind you that I am your princess and future queen Edward so you do not have the right to speak to me in that manner!! Just because we shared a few kisses doesn’t mean you can disrespect me you got that?!! I am capable of handling my problems and this problem is one I’ll handle alone!! now all of you GET OUT!!’..

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