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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 82❤👑

 Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘What?!!’..I repeated in shock again..

‘It’s the king of Arilea your highness and he is in the throne room awaiting your prescence’..She repeated and I gasped for air..

Okay breathe Alondria..

Just breathe..

It’s just the man you once loved..

It’s just the man you claim to hate..

It’s just the man who sat back and watched you get hanged in front of the whole kingdom..

it’s just the man who…just the man who..

‘What do I do now? what do I do now??’..I bit my fingernails and as if the gods answered my prayers Marco walked right through the door..

’Ohh Marco!!’..I hugged him tightly and he patted my shoulder.

‘I wish I was here under better circumstances but he’s here Alo and everyone is talking about it now’..He said and I nodded..

‘What do I do?? I can’t let him see me?? I can’t see him? If I do I’m going to burn him alive!’..

‘You don’t really have to see his face clearly and he doesn’t really have to see you’. He said and my brows arched..

‘I’m listening’.

‘Well you haven’t really been dressing in full Astreya garment,in the olden days the princess’s face was covered with a veil so her suitors wouldn’t get a glimpse of her beauty…maybe we can—

‘Gerta get me a nose veil quick!!’..

King Roland’s POV ♥️

Astreya is more beautiful than I remember it..

The last time my father brought me here was when I was still a young boy and the castle still hasn’t changed in forever..

It’s very impressive for a kingdom in shape after the tragedy that hit them..

‘When is she going to get here??’..I asked as I paced impatiently in the throne room..

‘A patient dog gets the fattest bone dear cousin’..Gregory replied..

‘Well the patient dog might also die of hunger before getting the fattest bone Gregory,you don’t know how nervous I am’..I panted heavily and just then a royal bard came in..

‘Her royal highness,Princess Emelda the first’..He said and I gasped loudly..

It was like the goddess Aphrodite came down upon her subjects with an heavenly aura all around her..

‘Greetings your highness’..I bowed down in front of the princess who had a veil covering the lower part of her face..

But there was something very familiar about her…

Something that made me remember someone..

Something about her was just so mesmerising…

It was her eyes—Her blue eyes..



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