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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

          Final Episode

     They always had a nice time together till their second baby came all the way and they're celebrating her third birthday today and they're all happy, 

  Junior and Mabel ran about the room distracting mom and dad's decoration in the living room

  "Junior keep quiet! "
 "Its her! Warn her to leave me alone! "
  "Mom ye syole my uyeryants! "(Mom he stole my underpants "
  They all laughed at her speech and that seemed to make her angry, 

  "Ye yole it! Ye yilly did! (He stole it! He really did! "She babbled really angry while Claret kept laughing at her, 
  "Come here Mabel, don't mind junior "

  She pouted her lips really angry at how her mom and dad was laughing at her earlier cuz she was still learning how to speak, 
   "Dad... "She ran to dad crying while Val grabbed her into his arms kissing her lips, 

   She began to cry, 
  "Hush stop okay? "
 "Its not okay dad"Junior chipped which made his dad to frown at him, 
  "Is this how you will keep on treating your sister? "

 "Buh... "
  "Hush you yerk! "She cut in again angrily with her weak voice which got her dad and mom laughing, 
  "Yayi! "She squealed again and that's when their doorbell rang, 

   "Claret go get the door "Val ordered while she left for the door to go get it, 
  She opened it and was shocked at whom she saw standing there, 

  "Hi witch! Long time no see"Anna said smirking while Claret was shocked as ever..... 

THE END.... 



  1. There should be an epilogue for the final episode

  2. I'm very sure there is a season 2 the story can't end this way.


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