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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Sixteen 


    "Here"he peeled off the bones of a fish inside a plate and then placed it on my own plate

   "Eat up"he urged while I stared at him, I want to believe that he's being sincere to me now but I can't

 I feel like he's pulling up another prank and a lie towards me
   "I don't want "I scooped up the broken fish on my plate and put it back into his and he smiled putting it back to mine

  "I won't mind, just try to believe me this time, I know... "
  "Good morning darling"That witch interrupted kissing him on his cheek and sitting down beside him

  My mood soured immediately, I was getting free with him and all of a sudden, she showed up
  "How are you? Hope you drank soup cuz of your hangover? "She asked him and I realized that he was drunk last night 

  That's why I didn't see the both of them, I thought they were making out like last time, psst!... How stupid I was to peep on the both of them yesterday 

 Tch! He was only drunk and what about her too??... I eyed the both of them eating hurriedly from my plate
  "You're the one to take soup Anna, here.... "He uncovered a bowl on the table and drew it to her face 

  "Eat up, for your hangover "
  "Awwwnn that's so sweet of you darling"she kissed him and I nearly choked 

  She smiled staring at me and I ignored her eating up hurriedly before I stood up, I had lost my appetite
   "What? "He asked and I scoffed 
  "I'm full"I replied hastily moving towards my room
  "Can we go out later? "
His voice halted me in my tracks 
  I wanted to say yes! I wanted to jump into him and say yes!! 

I'm ready to start over again with him no matter if that witch was there not 
   But, I rechecked myself, she's a woman like myself and she was cheated on with me!! 

   I won't be happy if another girl did same thing to me, I cleared my throat and turned to look at him briefly 
  "Why? "

"To have some.. "
  "Me too"She added herself into it raising up her hand 

   "I'm not going, your girlfriend needs you"I made to go again;
  "You're my girlfriend too or did we break up? "
  "Break up? Yes we broke up"
  He stood up this time coming towards me

   "I'm only here cuz of my baby"I added glaring at him and feeling nervous at same time because of his step close to mine
     "Claret... "
  "Val, "she chipped in again getting up from her seat and it seemed to be adding to my irritation 

   "I don't want to go out with you! I don't want to be so close to you again!... "
  "Then why are you here b*tch! "She chipped in clicking her tongue and rolling her eyes at me

  "I wasn't talking to you but to him!..."I replied turning to Val "look Val, I know I still have soft spot for you, I still love you but.. But that doesn't mean I for gave you, or made me think of trusting you again cuz I will never trust you again!! 

Never! I hate you with passion and I will never trust you again"

  "And who cares"she chipped in again and Val turned to her giving her a dirty slap on her cheek
   I was dazed at the weight of the slap as I looked on at him

  "Why did you hit her like that? "I asked and he tried coming close to me and I stepped back 
  "Claret... "
  "I hope you didn't slap her just to impress me? "..... 


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