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(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ

      Episode Nine


   "I told you Anna that you will lose this man didn't I tell you? "
  "I didn't lose him "

 "Then what happened? Where's the ring on your finger? "
  "Well, I threw it to his face! "I lied rolling my eyes at her

  "Threw?? Mom look does this make sense at all? "
  "Why would you do that daughter? "

  "Cuz I don't love him again, I don't! So I... "I gulped hard staring at the two curious faces staring into my own face 

  "I don't love him again, I caught him cheating on me"

  "What! And so? "My sister chipped and my mom shot her a glance to get away from us now! 

 She grumbled shoting me a glare before she scratched her heels on the floor as she left 

   "What did you just say now Anna"
Mom asked me to be sure and I sighed, lying won't matter now with my sister out of the way 

  I began to sob quietly 
  "He dumped me! He dumped me mom!!... "I sobbed covering my face with my palms 

   How am I so stupid to lose him? What was I thinking when I never thought of living with him for once? What was I thinking? 

  I should've stayed with him for some days, I should've stayed with him and cooked for him all the foods that he wanted to eat

 And now I've lost that man who worshipped me to another 
  Gosh! What am I to do now? Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!

 The ring is off my finger now! Am not even pregnant for him else I would've pinned him down by it just like that witch is doing to him now

  I sobbed the more, 
  "What did I tell you? "Mom asked reminding when she used to advice me about the way I neglected this man of mine 

  "I was... I was... I was foolish... I was so foolish!! "

  "I warned you! I told you that men's feelings changes at random! I told you that if you're not so close to your man, he can leave you anytime cuz other girls will love to have what you have 

  Other girls will like to feel up the space which you left open in your relationship! They will love to be the apple of your man's eyes until they take him away from you! 

  I warned you! I warned you didn't I? "

She did, she really did! But I thought Val was different! Gosh! What am I to do now
 I heard her sigh sitting down beside me and patting my back 
  "You can't give up on him will you? "
I shook my head at her question, there's no way I'm giving up on him 

Not everything I've told my girlfriends about my fiancรฉ, no I'm not giving up on him! 

   "Then wipe your tears now, pack your bags and go to his house "she ordered me softly getting me confused by what she meant by that 

  "Mom?? "I called hiccuping 

  "Yes?? Pack your bags and move to his house"
  "He doesn't want to see me"

  "You have to fill up the gap you lost all these while girlie, do as I told you"

  "But... "
  "When you begin to leave with him and do what you're supposed to do, he might like you again or love you more if he really does"

A nice idea! Mom's are the best!! I beamed all of a sudden on her brilliant idea

  "Really mom? "
She nodded assuring me that everything will be fine after I did it 

  Really? Gosh! There's hope! I ran upstairs to my room and began to gather my clothes and pushing them into my EKOLAK so I will disappear to his house 

 Don't worry Val, you're still mine!! 


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