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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Eight 


  "Hear me out first" I cut in immediately that she pointed to the exit door so I could leave, 

 All her friends bursted into laughter staring at the both of us
  "Just go Val, I will do anything I wanted with the baby cuz I don't think I can have a child for a bastard like you"


🗣 A baby? 

🗣Is she pregnant for him? 


🗣This guy is so mean! 

🗣Oh my! 

🗣She's expecting? 

   I sighed hearing the murmurs coming from her friends, as they snapped their fingers and laughed at us

  "Look Claret we can... "

  "I said that you should go"

  "We need to talk"

  "About what? "

  "The way forward "

  She scoffed turning around and scratching her long hair 
  "Way forward you say? "

  "Yes, the way forward "

  "No way forward between us Valentine! I hate you so much that I don't want to see you!! "

  "Claret, I know I messed up"

  "You didn't mess up but you messed me up... For five whole years!!... "She began to sob counting the years with her fingers 

  "Five years Val!! Five years I stayed by your side! Loving you and and and... Gosh!! I gave you my all Val"

   "I know and that's why I want to set this straight "

   "Set what straight? Cuz a child is involved? "

  "You don't have to touch the baby"I said coming closer to touch her if not that she shifted backwards so I won't touch her 

  "We have to save that baby, my baby, your baby and we made it together "

  "There's no way I'm going to keep this bastard's child in my belly "

   "Claret... "I stopped talking staring at her "okay what do you want? Money? Cars? Houses? Name it! "

  "Oh my gosh! Now I know the root of my cheapness, money, cars and houses isn't it? "

    "Its not what you think... "

  "That's how you got me so cheaply isn't it? Look at how you talk about it as if... "

   "But you loved me because of my money didn't you Claret? "

  "What did you just say to me Val? "

  "Ofcuz and you heard me well, you fell in love me at first because am rich, any feeling you had for me now was developed later but you fell in love with me cuz of my money "

  She slapped me hard across my face
   "How dare you Val! "

🗣I'm leaving 

🗣Me too

🗣and I too

🗣What was that? A slap? 

... And one by one they left the room until it was only I and Claret remained in the room

  "How dare you Val? I loved you.. "
  "Cuz of my money "
  "And I even opened my legs cuz of that same money isn't it? "

  "Yes if I must say"

  "What! "

 "I didn't lie"

She stepped closer to me 
  "Val... "
 "Tell me what you offered in the relationship apart from s3x? "

  "What! "

  "You heard me clearly"

  "Val, I offered you love! Pure love and... "

  "And what!..."we glared at each other "look Claret, we ought to settle this without hurting our baby"

   She giggled and turned mean all of a sudden 
   "I can't keep this baby for you! "

  "I can marry you if that's what you want"
  She scoffed 
  "When I wanted you to marry me is gone now! "

  We both fell silent for a while, 

  "No matter what you say, it won't change the fact that you made me your side chick"

  "But I gave you everything you wanted "

  "Wanted? You didn't give me your all Val!!, at least you didn't give me your full self"

  "Full self? "I gave a short laugh "full self? What about that? "

  "You lied to me for five years! You made me think you're the only good man on earth! You made me clear other men away from my life!! "

 She got me there, I grinned staring at her, she's hurt! Visibly hurt so much by me... 

  "You know what Claret? "

  "What!! What!! "

  "Let's fall in love again and date again "... 


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