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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Seven


   How can? I took my pills before the last s3x I had with him! Gosh! I had already promised myself that the last abortion I did seven months ago will be the last of it cuz I almost died and now another baby is here! 

  I hate to keep this baby! I can't bore that stupid man a child! I don't want to! I can't and I won't!
   But... I can't keep on doing abortion, the doctor told me that if I try to abort this baby like I used to, I might die with it 

  And I don't want to die and not for that bastard! 
   I went to his house to let him know that but he seems to be hundred percent fine without me! 
  He is!! And what the fuvk did he come out to tell me? 

  I shouldn't abort his baby! His baby! So now he knows he got a child didn't he? I was so foolish to be doing abortions for him back then! 
   I never knew I was for pleasure! 

  Gosh! The mere thought alone rips my heart apart 
  But then, a growing baby in my tummy! This isn't good at all... I kept pacing about my living room 
   A house that he bought on my 26th birthday last year, I thought he was the end of the world when he bought me this!! This!! 

  I thought I was the most beautiful woman on earth and little did I know that I was a side chick!! Gosh! 
   I sat on the couch, pink couches to be precise... I had told him that I loved pink and he made it possible that everything I had even clothes and shoes were all pink 

   Pink! Yeah!! Pink!! But then, I was being played on, lied to and my feelings toyed with! 
  And to worsen it all, I took out my pregnancies for complete five years for him! For that bastard!!

  I was helping him build his relationship without my knowledge, I hate this so much!! 
   I sat down quietly and that's when my door bursted open with my friends trooping in and laughing 
   "Hey darling I heard what happened "Livia said coyly before sitting down beside me.
Others (ten of them plus Olivia and me) clustered around me

🗣So he was a cheat all this time? 
🗣Gosh! I remember you telling me to fuvk off my broke boyfriend..... Laughter followed her nasty speech as she mimicked my very words to her back then 

🗣Don't mind them Claret, take heart okay? 
🗣I told her personally not to trust guys too much but.. But she was like (she began to mimick me).... *Like the hell! Val is different! He's fuvking different and if I leave him, he's gonna die! Blarrr... Laughter followed her speech 

   I bit hard, I knew they would mock me but I deserve it 
🗣Remember two years ago when she went on a trip with that so called Valentine
🗣I remember Christine (a snap of a finger was heard) 

🗣Good, she came back and was like.. "No one should talk to me or touch me, Dubai touched my skin... On her ig account, no body heard a tiny word about her trip with this God forsaken boyfriend of hers 

  More laughter followed, I gulped hard 
🗣Oh my gosh! Bella you're so funny! 
🗣Guys! Guys! Hold on, we're here to compensate with her... Do you know what's like to lose five years with a useless guy... 

   What Mabel said touched me and I began to cry sniffing thinking that she was sympathizing with me
🗣Awnnnn, here she cries 
🗣She haven't started at all 

🗣Jeez! Clara?! 
🗣Yea!! Do you know the kind of humiliation she gave to Casmir one time I went out with her for a shopping? 

Gosh! She embarrassed me, not only embarrassed me but she made that guy feel like shit! Gosh! I was mad!! I tried talking sense into her and she was like.... (Mimick again) 

  "Clara, I love my man so much, okay? He isn't even rich enough, My CEO and my prince charming is richer than him! "

Series of laughter followed, my tears flowed freely and as I was about standing up to go into my room, I can't keep up with their mockings anymore when my door opened to reveal that bastard standing there 

   "Look Claret... "

"Don't you dare call my name again bastard!! "


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