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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

        Semi Finals

 It was really a great thing between them, their marriage was the biggest they had ever seen

   They had been so happy with each other, loving, attending parties, going to biggest shopping malls to shop for clothes and then going to trips for tourist centers, 

   Anna.... She was sentenced to six years in imprisonment for attempted murder and it had been three years already, 

   They're expecting their second child while their first baby, junior is still babbling, not talking yet, 

   Her friends regretted what they've said to her back then cuz she was the luckiest person among them to marry her rich man, 

   Its been really good.... 

 Valentine 😘

"We're late already Claret"I complained shouting from downstairs to her, 
  "I'm coming!! "
  "Since when? Oh C'mon! What's keeping you? "

   "Papapapapapapa"junior toddled towards me babbling, 
   "Hey buddy "I smiled squatting to his little size to hold him into my arms

 My two year-old son chuckled holding my two hands as support for his weak legs, 
  "There you go son"
 "Papaapa"he babbled again and I smiled 

  "There you go again"I carried him in my arms and then walked to the nearest chair beside me and then sat down with him on my legs

  "How are you doing? How are you big boy? "
  He looked on at me as if he wanted to say something but can't form those words correctly, 
   "Ay... "He laughed saying and hugged his head making me laugh, 
  Kids are funny in some way, with their eyes peering into you curiously with a sharp beautiful which is never dry of saliva and then their sudden out burst of tears if you don't do what they want, 

  Junior is no exception, his crying voice can deafen someone and for the deaf person, he can make that person start hearing again, 

  He's just stubborn at everything still, eat is by force, bath is by force, sleep is by force, waking up is by force, brushing is by force, the only thing he can do without being forced is his crazy little smile with shows his new formed white teeth which makes you think that he's not a pack of problem at all

 Claret always complains of this boy taking after me all the time he gets so stubborn for her to control, at two years and he's being such a headache, 
  When he can't agree with what you had to say to him, the next thing is tears, he's such a pain! But I still love him so much tho
   "Dada"he babbled again while I rubbed his stubborn head for him 

   "Am here Val "
Claret came out of the room looking so elegant as ever, 

  "You look beautiful!! "


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