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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

          Quatre Finals


  "Yes let's make another baby"I repeated to his hearing while he grabbed my waist pulling me into him, 

   "Are you sure you don't feel pain anymore? I don't want to take advantage of... "I placed my lips in his and that got him to stop talking 

I wrapped my legs around his waist and that got him stepping away to the bedside, 
 The next thing I felt was my back resting softly on the bed as he kept on kissing me, 
   He broke off taking off his towel and standing naked infront of me, 

  I stood up halfway to undress too and he smiled helping me take off my brã, 
  "Wow! You grew much bigger these past days"he said to me while touching mh nïpplés and chuckles at how hard they grew as he kept caressing them, 

   "You are so amazing all the time Claret, have I ever told you that? "
  "You tell me that everyday "
  "Have I ever told you how such a darling you're to me"

   "You have told me that too"
  "What have I never told you? "He asked fixing his lips into my nïpplés and I smooched as the feeling came heavily on me around my bøøbs area, 

   "Oh Val... V-a-l... "I hummed rubbing his head until he stopped sucking smacking his lips and then looking up to my face, 
  "Answer my question, what have I never told you? "

  "That I will be your wife, that am gonna be the mother of your three kids"
  He gave a short laugh caressing my hair, 
  "Three kids?? And who the hell will give birth to the rest of the children? "

  "I'm just saying what you never told me before "
 "Hmmmm, I've never told you that? What about I say it to you now? "

He asked trailing his finger from my neck following the straight line of my shoulders and down to my waist before he kissed my neck, scrubbed the whole of the surface of my neck with his tongue

   I bit my lower lips as a very lovely but sweet sensation travelled around my body, 

   He stopped.
"I want you to be my wife, mother of all my kids, my companion, someone I want to wake up and see lying by my side"
  As he said so, he played with my whole body, 

 I was listening and like a magic, whatever he said was turning me on greatly and making me w*t, 
   He lay my back to the bed once again and then lay in between my two raised legs which wrapped around his back, 

   He held my two hands clasping our fingers into each other while our two hands stretched out to the bed, 

   "Will you be my bride? I want to marry you off and love you forever baby... "He said kissing my rib cages while I moaned trying to get free of my hands from his but can't

    "I love you so so so much Claret
  I don't think there's a day I will stop loving you, 
   Everything about you is so amazing, 

  Don't worry, junior will come back to us by this time next month after tonight

   Oh my gosh! You're so w*t! What the! I love you more baby oh my.... "

 He stick his divk into me and guess you know the rest... 


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