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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Twenty Seven


Why is this eating me up so much? Why can't she just die? 
  She was lucky enough that I couldn't find my gun in my car when I searched for it, 

  I would've been on my way to jail and I won't care any less as long as she won't breath again in this world again, 
   She's just so fuvking lucky!! 

  "I said freeze, hands on your head! "I obeyed as I brought my two knees to the floor, 
   Five of them gathered around us and then her sister stepped an inch closer to them

  "I am the one whocalled the cops "
  "Okay "one of them said as she pointed at her sister, 
  "She's the one, she almost committed murder"
  "Emmy!! Your sister!! "Her Mom screamed at her but she scoffed, 

  "So?? What if she's my sister? I don't support injustice! What gave her that mind of poisoning her fellow human's food? 

  What if she died? What if the Val she's fighting for ate the food and died too? 
  Will she be happy? What did she gain at last? "

   I began to sob, oh gosh! What's all these? My Claret! Oh my gosh! 
  I need to get back to the hospital before she wakes and found me not to be by her side

   "Look at him, he.. "
  "Move! "They handcuffed Anna and stood her up on her feet, 
  "Look, I love you Val! And I'm going to come out of prison someday! 

   I'm going to look for you! You're mine! You will marry me! You must marry me!!!.... 

Arrgghhhh!! I'm going to come back for you! I'm going to stay by your side! I love you Val!! 


  Val!! Tell them not to take me away, 

  Val! Tell them to let me go and... "
They led her out of the house... 

Five days later, 

   I came out from the bathroom to see Claret standing by the glass window staring into the night with a white negligee she was wearing, 
  I smiled going close to her until I pressed my body against her back

   "Are you still thinking about that? "I asked resting my head on her shoulder as I kissed her neck, 
   "Oh hey! "She tilted her head back ward to look at my face, 
  "You've finished bathing? "

She smiled looking so drawn to herself, she had been so since five days ago, 
  Always reserved and to herself, she can't smile like she used to, she won't ever stop looking at her belly and sobbing to herself all time, 

   "I'm sorry Claret, I couldn't... "
  "Its okay, it wasn't your fault "
  "It was mine"
  "Let's not talk about it Val"she smiled softly while I wrapped my arms around her tummy

    "I won't stop loving you Claret, I won't stop wanting and needing you all time sweetheart "
  I kissed her neck while she smooched softly half closing her eyes and opening them again before she began to look into my eyes

   I cupped her face smiling into her face, I want to cheer her up and make her stop thinking about our lost baby, 
  I want her stop being sad and bubble out for me, 

 I want to see her smile for me again and like a magic, my d*ck stood up for her, 
  I kissed her passionately but broke off later to stare at her face, 

  "We can always make another baby Claret "
  "No Val, I think I want to go home now, I have... "I kissed off those words she wanted to say from her lips, 
  "Don't leave me Claret, I will propose to you tomorrow "

  "Tomorrow?? Just like that? "
  "Don't worry Claret, I love you "
  "I love you too"
  I smiled at her while she smiled back as we both began to look at the night air and the stars littered about on the sky, 

  "Val, can we make another baby now? "
  "You want that? "
She nodded her head.... 


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