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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Twenty Six


   Oh my gosh! My stomach hurts so much! 
    Haha haha! 
  Oh my! I slumped into my couch laughing the more, 

   Val shouldve known the consequences before he thought about breaking my heart,
  He haven't seen anything yet, I will make sure I take everything he has away from him

Haha haha haha haha

  "Why are you laughing? And when did you get home?psst! I guess Val rejected you"my sister said, mocked and began to smirk, 

  "What's your business?? "
  "My business? I can't have business with someone like you Anna... "She sat beside me "Now tell me, what's the latest thing that you did? What's your new mischievous attitude? 

 Hope you didn't threaten or kill that his new love? "
  "Emelda!! What's even that your name!! Be careful!! Be careful on how you talk to me in this house!! "
   "Talk to you?? "
  "Leave my sight!! "

I was still speaking in anger when Val bursted into my house throwing me into utmost panic, 
  I gasped for breath immediately seeing coming towards with so much anger written all over his face, 

  I stood up from the couch earnestly while my sister stood up after me, 
  "Hey Val... "She was still greeeting him when he caught her up with a slap on my face, 

 A hot one at that! I looked to his face really terrified at the expression on his face, 
  "What's wrong? "My sister asked but he ignored her slapping me on my face again, 

   I stepped backwards covering my face with my two palms but that didn't make him stop from hitting me, 
  He slapped me over and over again until I fell to the floor crying, 

   He lifted my face up and slapped my face to the extent that there was blood spilling out of my lips,
  "Stop, you want to kill my sister for me? 
  Mom!! Mom!! I'm calling the cops! 
  You've gone mad! How dare you hit a woman?!! "My sister raged holding his waist and pulling him away from me but can't, 
  Val is too strong for her,  

     "Mom!! "
 She kept screaming as he kicked me about on the floor until he bursted;
  "You!! You deserve to die!! How dare you play with my life?! With my Claret's life!? With my little baby's life too!!?? "

  My sister gasped letting go off him, 
  "I told you I will hurt her if you don't come back to me, didn't I tell you? "
  He hit my face again, 
  "How dare you kill my baby!! "

   "Baby? I wanted to kill the three of you instead!! "
  Another slap hit my face while I vomited blood, 
  "Look Val, I love you and you're mine not hers!! 
  You're mine!! "

  He hit me again and just then, my mom's feet was heard coming downstairs, 
  "Oh my God! Val what are you doing to my daughter! 
  Jeez! You've ruined her face! "
  He turned to my mom scoffing, 

  "Her face? Are you worried about her face when she killed my baby! She killed my young baby!! 
  He was growing healthily, she snatched the life out of him by force!! 

  Your daughter deserve death more than life!! My Claret... "He sobbed the more turning to me again"I curse the day I met you, loved you, worshipped you and adored you Anna!! 

  You're not worth me at all! "He made to hit me again and that's when the cops sirens were heard, 
  My sister had called the cops!! 
  I panicked, 
  "What have you done! "I screamed to her face while she smirked, 

  "What have you done to him too? He loved you, as if it wasn't enough! He gave you a ring! Wasn't enough and now you want to ruin him to the last!! 

  You lost! And you've to accept it that way that you lost!! "

  "Shut up Emmy, what do you know"my mom screamed 
"I don't know anything but at least I knew how Val loved her back then and what she's been doing to him back then

 And now you know he's your man! No! He's your man now, isn't he? "
  "Shut up!! "Mom yelled at her once again turning to Val, 
   "I'm sorry on her behalf, the baby isn't born yet.... "

  "So?? So he deserves to die!! His mom refused to abort that baby and here she goes snatching my baby! My flesh! My son!! Away from me!! 

 She will pay for this!! "He raised his hand up to hit me once again while I screamed in a loud voice and then;
  "Freeze!! freeze all of you!! "


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