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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Twenty Five 

Valentine 😘

What's happening? What's wrong? 
  Where's Anna? Where the fuvk is she!! 

  I made to carry her up as terrified as I was to see blood spilling our from between her legs, 

  I gasped and then began to cry,
  This can't be happening! We can't lose this baby! 
I ran up to my room and grabbed my phone dialing the ambulance's or hospital number, 

    📲What's wrong? 
    📲There's an emergency in my house! 
I gave out my address in a hurry coming downstairs to be with Claret who was still unconscious, 

   "C'mon Claret, be with me "I raised her head up to my body, 
  "C'mon! Be with me! Don't leave me alone! "I began to sob silently and just then I heard the ambulance whooping as they entered my compound, 

  I ran out to the service men who rushed to me before the nurses came out too to meet me, 
  "Where is... "
  "I'm the person who gave the report to you guys "

    "Okay, where is the emergency "
 I led the way in a hurry inside my house.... 

Hours later, 

 I paced about the whole hallway of the hospital waiting for any of the nurses or doctors to come and tell him how Claret is, 

   I checked the time times without number feeling so frustrated and scared that I might lose her, 
  I really don't want to and I can't bear thinking of it too, 

  I clenched my fist sitting down on an armchair behind me, 
   I closed my eyes and opened them again. 

   10:09 am

03:12 pm

    "Hey sir "someone tapped my leg twice and I fluttered my eyes open jerking out of the armchair, 
   "Good evening"he greeted me but I didn't want to hear that, 

  "How's she? Is she okay? Can I see her? Is she... "
  "She's okay now, she was poisoned, so... I don't know what exactly she ate but we just performed a surgery on her 
     I'm sorry man, she's okay but.. "

"We lost the baby, we couldn't save him"
  I gulped hard as I clenched my fist tightly, 
  Poisoned? Anna did this! And that's why she left the house! 

  I'm so fuvking gonna kill her when I get hold of her! How dare her!? 
  What was she thinking when she hurt my own woman? 

   "Can... Can I see her now? "I asked him and he nodded his head with a soft smile on his face, 
   "Yeah sure"
  "Thanks "I ran into her ward to see her really sleeping, 

  I gulped hard again feeling a huge lump on my throat, I felt like crying, 
  She looked terrible! Really terrible and tattered, 

  As I advanced towards her, she opened her eyes to see me, 
  She smiled at me looking around the room and tried sitting up but I rushed to her stopping from her doing that and then sitting down on the bed afterwards, 

   "Val, where are we? "
  "Hospital, don't worry you're okay now"I assured her holding her face in my two palms and kissing her forehead, 
  "And you're crying? What happened to me? "

  "I'm not crying "
  "But you're, "
 I cleaned my tears smiling at her, 
  "Just.. Just... I thought I lost you"
  "You can't lose me Val"

  "You don't understand Claret but don't ever think of leaving me to the other world, don't try to leave me no matter what "

  "What happened? Why are you so sober"
 She asked me and I just hugged her bosom trying hard not to cry but I can't control the tears from not flowing out of my eyes

  "What happened Val? Did someone die? "
  I didn't speak out, 
  "Did someone die? I won't ever leave you "
  "Don't you dare leave me at all Claret"

  "But what happened? "She raised up my face and held it up weakly with her palms, 
  "Get better first, I will go and get you some food to eat"
  She grabbed my arm from going out of her ward, 

  "Tell me what's wrong? "
  "Not yet... "She didn't allow me leave yet with her eyes peering into mine that I had no choice but to tell her, 
  "We lost our baby! "
  "What! "Her hand slipped off mine while I grabbed hold of that same hand planting kisses on it

  "What did you just say? "
  "Our baby is gone!! "


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