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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Twenty Four 

Valentine 😘

   "Val "
  "Yes? "
  "Let's go and eat"
  "Okay, first I have to wash and then come down stairs to eat"

  "I'm so hungry, I might not wait for you"
 "Don't wait for me okay, start feeding my baby in here cuz she wants to eat"
  "Baby? Then what am I? "

   "My baby "
  "And who is this one to you? "She pointed at her belly frowning at me, I smirked stroking her two cheeks, 
  "She's our baby"

  "Psst! "She mouthed while kissed her lips, 
  "C'mon, your mouth stinks so much! "She beat me off the bed to the bathroom, 
  "I just wanted to kiss you"

  ''But your mouth stinks so much! Dirty man! "She teased with a disgusting expression on her face, 
  "But you love me don't you? "
  "And that's why I hate you! I hate stinking boyfriends like you! "

  "Tch! I'm not your boyfriend! "
  "What are you? "
  "Your handsome man! Your handsomest CEO"
  She gave a short laughter jumping out of the bed, 

  "Who told you that you're handsome "
  "Your lips always said so"
  "Look at this man? "
  "Mmmhmmmmm, that's my woman talking "I shouted happily grabbing her waist 

   "Leave me alone! "
  "Let's bath together"
  "I've just had a bath! "
  "You can still bath again, can't you? "
  "I won't and not with you"
  "Oh c'mon! "

   "I can't, am hungry "I let go off her and she smiled looking at me, 
  "What? Why are you looking at me like that? "
  "Am not looking at you"

  "But you're still looking at me, even now! "
  "Am not looking at you, am looking at my man! "
  I blushed stepping out of the bathroom if not that she ran off to the door, I would've done something great to the both of us now

    "See you downstairs! "She said winking, 
  "Come here baby, "
  "I won't Val, don't trick me into your bed this morning Val"she said rolling her eyes while I hissed and then she went out banging the door behind her, 

   "Psst! Pretty girl friend.
"I muttered to myself smiling and walking into the bathroom to have a bath, 

I'm Mr lonely

🎼I have nobody 
On my ownnnnn

I'm Mr lonely 

🎼I have nobody
On my ownnnnn.... 


🎼I woke up in the middle of the night and I know this my girl wasn't by my side

🎼Couldn't swear I wasn't dreaming for hell I wasn't feigning so I had to take another ride

🎼Back tracking on these few years just to figure out what I did to make it go bad 

Cuz ever since my girl left me, 

🎼My whole world came crashing on me and am... 

   I finished bathing, putting on my clothes and my body creams and perfumes, combing and relaxing my hair with the hair oil, 
  I left my tie untied moving down stairs so that Claret will help me with it, 
   I came to the dining to see her already eating, 

  "Hey babe "
  "Hey"she said and began to cough 
  "Are you alright? "I asked her and she nodded taking another bite of her food and then she creased up her face in pain

  "What's wrong? "I asked again this time more concerned than the first time, 
  "Nothing... Arrrgghh!!!... My baby!!... Arrgghhh!! "

  I rushed to her side really terrified, 
  "Claret... "
Her arm felt limp when I held it up.... 


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