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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Nineteen

Valentine 😘

"Whoa! "I mouthed staring into her face, 
  I didn't want to get up so easily as I kept smiling into her face and then a kiss on her lower jaw and to her lips, 

  She began to push me off her, 
  "Get up! And let's go home "she pushed me off her and I lay my back beside her as we stared to the sky

  "Do you know what? "She asked while I turned my gaze to her again holding up her hand and then kissing and caressing the back of her palm

  "What Claret? "
  "When I met you... "She said turning to look at my face, "you were right, your money caught my fancy first 

  You were rich, holds and manages a company, tall, handsome, have a good taste for yourself, 

 You were just the perfect guy got any lady! And... I.. "

  "You fell into my words"I finished her sentence and she shook her head, 
  "No i didn't fell into your words but I fell for you"
  "Hmmmm, you can say that again"

  She giggled as we both fell silent again, 
   I turned to look at her face after twenty minutes to discover that she was already sleeping, 
  I smirked dressing her hair to the sides of her ear, 

  How elegant she is! I pecked her forehead wishing she would wake up but she didn't wake up so it was left for me to lift her up and take her home, 

  I lifted her up and carried her in my arms like a baby and then began to walk back to where our car was packed, 
   I reached up to our car and then opened the car door and kept her carefully on the car seat. 

   I dressed her head very well before closing the door and then went to the other side of the car, I opened it and came into the car closing back the door and not long, 

  We were on our way home, we reached my house and I halted and killed my car engine inside my garage, 
  I hopped out and went to the other side to get her out of the car, 

 She's such a sleeper! I carried her out and then walked into the house with her in my arms, 
   Anna's face greeted me when I came into the living room, 

  "Baby! "She cried out before her eyes travelled to whom I was carrying in my arms, 
  "Yes?? "
  "I-w-a-s-w-o-r-r-i-e-d "she stammered still looking at her who was in my arms, 

  "Why? "
  "I cooked and... "
  "We've eaten"
She gulped hard seeing me walk past her going over to the guest room where Claret used to stay, 

  I opened the door and then came in going slowly to the bed and then I lowered her down to it until her whole body touched the bed, 

   I lay her down and then hurried to her legs to take her shoes off,  
   And then it occured to me how many times I've done this each time she gets home so worked up and can't do anything, 

  How I will take care of her, and I called her a side chick? 
  And she was a fuvking side chick to me? 
  I pulled off her heels and then wriggled her toes to relax them, 

  I brought up the duvet and covered her with it, 
 Looking into her face, I kissed her lips and then patted her hair before I stepped back. 

 Wasn't my first time doing all this to her but it feels like its my first time.... 

Next morning, 

  "Where are you off to? "Anna asked coming into the room as I prepared myself to go out, 
That's when I realized that she was dressed to leave too, 

   "What are you doing? "
 "From today onwards, am your new secretary "
  "What! "



  1. Am very thankful to the writer of secret union. I look forward to you posting more episodes daily


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