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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Eighteen 


He filled my bosom with his body, I relaxed placing my head on his chest, 
  Maybe I should enjoy him now before he gets home and that stupid wench comes for him as usual, 

    "Its okay now Claret "
 He patted my back and I kept nodding my head until he disengaged himself from me with a smile 
  "I love you Claret no matter what, forget about Annabelle, I'm never going to marry her "

   I nodded before I hugged him myself this time,  
   "I've missed you so much Val"I said and he wrapped his arms around my waist
  "I missed you even more, I missed you so much Claret"

  I smiled half closing my eyes 
  "You're mine Claret, mine to date, mine to marry, mine to keep and stay with forever "

  "What about her? "
  'Never mind Anna, we're done with each other forever! Nothing is between the two of us again 

  She's forcing herself on me this time, 
  I've taken my ring away from her hand, didn't you that she has no ring any more? "

  He sounds more convincing to be trusted, 
   "See Anna and I are done for ever! 
  I loved her, I showed her real love even before I met you but she kept messing up, taking me for a fool, 
  And that's how I met you.... "
  The door opened
  "Yes?? "He turned his head to the woman wearing an elegant clothe with heels who was on the door speaking, 
  "You're needed in the conference room"

  She reported and he turned sharply to me, 
  "Conference?? "
  "Yes but I forgot to tell you"I said half smiling, 

  "Or you were still angry and... "He grabbed my waist with my tummy pushing forward to gum with his own tummy as I relaxed my flexible back on those hands which held me firmly, 

  "And then you forgot to tell me huh "
  "Someone is still waiting for your reply at the door"I chipped and he turned his gaze to the door, 
   "Okay, I'm coming in five minutes, I need to do something first"

"Something like what? "I chuckled before he fixed his lips into hers, 
  I welcomed his lips, reciprocated his kiss and then :
  "You have to leave now! "I pushed him off my skin smiling and he scoffed 

  "Don't push me away woman"
He grumbled as I stood on myslef with my arms akimbo, 
   "I'm going to push you away if you don't leave now! "I teased and he carried up his laptop fro the table 

   "Now go! "I teased again and he rolled his eyes playfully, 
  "Yes mom but I think am forgetting something "
  "Forgetting something? "
  "Yes... "He rushed to me and gave me a hot deep kiss on my lips which left me breathless, 

  When he pulled his lips off me, I didn't help but shout at him:
  "A kiss thief, go to the conference room! Its no big deal! "
  "I'm so sorry but I think... "
  Go out now! "I said teasingly until I pushed him out of the office 

 I smiled,my Val is back to me again, 
   He kissed me! He fuvking kissed me!! 
  Gosh! I smacked my lips staring at the door for a while and then I began to rub my tummy, my little baby was in there growing rapidly "

I smiled again... 

Hours later, 

Time to go home!! 
  I and Val went to a very cool restaurant and ate to our fill, went to the fireworks and watched couples do that, 

  It was like a night date for the both of us, he held my waist smiling to the sky and I beamed pecking his cheeks, 
   I placed my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, 

  "My heart beats for you, all time Claret 
  Its yours to keep and yours to sell"
  "Sell?? "
  "Ofcuz darling, don't mind me"he laughed while I smacked him on his shoulder this time we were walking back to our car, 

    "Watch out!! "A car was speeding infront of us but then he grabbed me and I jumped up too wrapping my legs on his waist and we stumbled fell into the field close to us 

  We landed on the ground coughing with him ontop of me... 


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