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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Seventeen 


  What will I do to make her understand that I love her? What will I say or act to impress her? 
   She rolled her eyes at me and went into the guest room which is now her room, 

   I turned to Anna who's still dazed cuz of the slap I gave her 
  "You hit me because of her? "She asked with tears blurring her vision
  "And I will hit you again "

  She smirked coming close to me, she hugged me and placed her head on my chest with her hands wrapping around my waist 
   "I deserve that slap, hit me as you want but I won't give you up for her"she whispered into my ear before she stood on her toes so her height could reach up to my face

  She stared into my eyes smiling even though there was pain in those eyes of hers when I looked into them
   "Anna I'm sorry I hit you"I apologized dimming it wrong for hitting her 

   "Its okay "she kissed me and that's when Claret came out of the room again, I immediately pushed Anna away to look at Claret 

 She was all dressed and gorgeous, she flung her hair from side to side and then catwalked to the exit door 
  "Where are you going? "

 "Going to work"she replied with her back still turned to me
  "I can drop you off, I'm going to work too"
  "I don't need you to drop me off"
   "Psst! That's your problem! "Anna chipped in again and I turned sharply to her to shut up! 

   She walked out even before I could speak again and I left almost immediately too to dress up for work, she's my secretary and am gonna see her and talk once more 

Twenty minutes later, 

   I drove to work, I went straight to my office and then she was there arranging my files for me
   I stood watching her back as she was busy cleaning up my table 

   She haven't seen me yet, she suddenly picked up her small enlarged picture which was on the table of my office 
  We snapped it together on our trip to Manchester, our most romantic date ever! 

   She sighed raising the picture up to look at it very well, 
  "You know, its beautiful "I spoke up and she jerked turning to look at me

  "Yeah, when I thought that you were my world and am your life line"she replied with pain in her voice and she dashed the picture to the floor if not that I caught it before it reached to the floor 

   "Claret I... "
  "Its okay sir, we're in the office and I'm your secretary please"
I sighed, she doesn't want us to talk about anything
  I stepped closer to her and then kept the picture back on my table

   "Look, Claret I'm sorry and I don't know if you will believe me but I love you, I think I do sincerely... "
  "I don't want to... "
  "I love you Claret... "
  "Val please... "

  "I just realized how much you mean to me, I broke up my marriage engagement with Anna... "
  "I never said you should... "
  "I did that cuz I realized how much... "

   "You just wanted to pity me and... "
  "And I love you "we interrupted each other speaking, 
   She kept quiet looking at me, 
  "I love you Claret"
  "I don't want to trust you again Val"she made to move away from me but I held her arm pulling her into a hug with me... 


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