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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Fifteen 


  She told me everything! I went into the bathroom and locked myself up trying so hard to keep my breath down and not cry at all 

 Can I do this? Mom where are you? Can I really keep with all these pain? 
   She's got a baby in her tummy! I can't have my man with her around! 

   What have I done! I ruined my relationship with my own hands!! I was so stupid to be reckless with my own man! I'm so stupid!! 

  I began to sob silently 
*Yeah! Am a wh*re! A sl*t! A witch! Husband snatcher!! Yes!! Am all of that but... *

   You're so ungrateful for this man behind you! Yes!! If you were that loyal to him, he won't have come to me! He won't have made me believe am the girl here!

    He won't have decieved me! For five years that I dated him! I've never seen you once in this house! I wonder if I was ever like that to him! 

 Look at him! Have you ever asked yourself why your so called boyfriend is nice looking and always happy? 

  I made him so! I cooked for him! Filled up wherever you left missing! I did everything you were supposed to do for him but you weren't doing it!! 

   So, that's why we're all messed up now! I'm not leaving him cuz of this baby and you won't leave him either... Yet, you can't marry him with this baby still in my tummy! *

🎼I don't see you like I should 

🎼You look some misunderstood and I wish I could help but its hard when I hate myself 

🎼Pray that god will... My arm are open 

🎼This us eating... I feel hopeless and I wish I could help but its hard when I hate myself  

    I cried at length coming out of the bathroom to see him relaxing on his sofa with a bottle of drink in his hand

 He didn't care if I was there or not but I went to him, took the bottle from him and drank from it too handing him back the bottle as I squeezed my face cuz of how bitter it was 

  He drank and drank while I followed suit and soon after making trips to the bar stand downstairs, we were both drunk 

  I couldn't think clearly anymore and I could barely see things straight 
  My head sagged and seemed free of anything thinking so I lay on the bed like a dumpling ready to sleep 

    "Anna... "
  "I don't really love you anymore "
  "Psst! And I don't care, you will love me again with time"
  "No time again bi*ch! I love that lady carrying my baby"

  "Don't tell me anything Val, "
  "I will Anna so better leave before dawn tommorow, I hate to see you so much now"


I dozed off... 


I emptied my bowels into the WC flushing it down as I began to cough 
  Gosh! My head hurts so much! Ouch! I wore my slippers and began to come down stairs when I saw them already at the dinning eating with him picking bones from fish for her

  I felt sour immediately... 


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