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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Fourteen

Valentine 😘

   She acted as if am not there, I smirked staring at her eat with us and leave, 
   I followed her immediately to her room, 

   "Claret... "
  "Not anymore Val or you don't want me here? "She interrupted me again 

  I sighed rubbing my forehead, 
  "Claret.. "
  "Claret did what? "Anna came in to the room saying 
  "Anna get out now! "

  "I can't Val, here is equally my place"
  "Your place?? "Claret smirked getting close to me, she touched my face and smiled painfully into my eyes 

  "He's my man cuz am carrying his child "she said with a deep kiss on my lips 
  Anna gave a loud smirk coming towards and then pushed her off me

  "I won't tolerate you getting your filthy hands on my man! "
  "Your man!? "She chuckled greatly touching her hair all over 

  "He's not your man! And not my man either... Time will tell whose man he's gonna be"

  Anna took my arms trying to lead me out but I didn't bulge 
  "And you said he's your man when he can't follow you or obey your orders! "

   "And??? ".. She let go off my arm facing Claret squarely 
  "And that makes it seem like you're the unwanted object in this whole house!! "

   "You're a side chick!! "
  "I won't have been a side chick if you were a good girlfriend! "
   "Husband snatcher!! "
  "Yes, we keep and snatch things that the owner can't value and call trash or maybe treat them like trash.. "

  "A sl*t"
  "... And that's how I got his baby in my tummy, let me see how he's gonna marry you with this baby in here"she said smiling to her face and rubbing her tummy 

   Anna panted for breath before :
  "You witch! "
  "At least I bewitched him into loving me"
  "You wh*re"
  She gave a slight chuckle before replying her
   "Wh*re again? Well, your man slept with this wh*re two times a week for five years "

   I cleared my throat realizing how cruel I had been to her, 
   Anna didn't speak for some seconds as she turned to look at me
   "And that's... What! Val?? You... "She grinned shutting up and turning her gaze again to Claret who was all smiles for her acting all bold 

   "Finished?? "Claret asked her and Anna didn't speak so Claret began to come close to her
  "Yeah! Am a wh*re! A sl*t! A witch! Husband snatcher!! Yes!! Am all of that but... 

   You're so ungrateful for this man behind you! Yes!! If you were that loyal to him, he won't have come to me! He won't have made me believe am the girl here!

    He won't have decieved me! For five years that I dated him! I've never seen you once in this house! I wonder if I was ever like that to him! 

 Look at him! Have you ever asked yourself why your so called boyfriend is nice looking and always happy? 

  I made him so! I cooked for him! Filled up wherever you left missing! I did everything you were supposed to do for him but you weren't doing it!! 

   So, that's why we're all messed up now! I'm not leaving him cuz of this baby and you won't leave him either... Yet, you can't marry him with this baby still in my tummy! "

 She stopped talking while Anna was all short of words, 
   She rolled her eyes at her and then stormed out leaving the both of us in the room

  "What you said is true Claret "
  "And I never asked you to be a judge "
  She snapped sitting down on her bed as she breathed heavily and that's when I saw traces of tears in her eyes 

   I felt terrible, I'm so bad! I don't deserve anyone not even at all
   "Claret i'm sorry"
  "Sorry? If sorry solves everything then why do we have the court and the police? "

  "That's different "
  ''Not at all Val and I will never forgive you "she began to sob.... 


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