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(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Eleven

Valentine 😘
  Gosh! I'm really doomed! I gulped hard staring at Anna and her luggage which was infront of my door 
  "What do you think you're doing Anna? "

  "What am doing? I came to stay with my man"she replied forcing her way into my house 
  "You don't belong here! Better get out now! "
  "I won't and I can't! "
  What's all this? Why did everything burst at the same time? Claret doesn't want to see me and wants to take our baby off her tummy while this one is becoming annoying all of a sudden! 

  Sheesh! What the heck is all this? 
   I didn't speak to her, I just made for my room while she followed me closely behind 
   "Where do you think you're going? "I asked turning abruptly when she kept following me without turning back 

  "To our room"
  "Our room? I'm done with you! "
  "But am not yet done with you! "
   I scoffed ruffling my hair getting so extra frustrated 
  "Look Anna, I don't like you anymore! Okay? Just go away "

  "I don't want to and I won't stay away from you"
  "Why? "
  "I'm your... "
 "Not anymore Anna so go!! Leave me alone... "

I was still speaking when she walked past me coming into my bedroom before me, I had to breathe in and out following her behind 

  She was already sitting down on the bed when I came in, she saw me and smiled 
  "Oh hey dear come over here please"
   "Come over? "I scoffed getting out of my room going back downstairs to meet another shock of my life 

   Claret was inside my living room already with her bags all packed up infront of her 
   I shook terribly, when did she get in? How? 

 I spoke to her earlier and she rebuked me so much, what else is she doing here?  
   She told me... 
   She turned to look at me and then looked away standing up while I came down to meet her 

  "Where's your guest room? "
  "What are you doing here? "
  She regarded with her eyes before replying.

"I have decided to keep the baby "
  I gulped, I wasn't sure about how I felt as I stared at her 
  "So... "
  "Where is your guestroom? "She interrupted me 
  "And who is there? "Anna's voice was heard from behind us 
 Jeez! I'm into a very big shit! Deep shit! 
  This isn't good at all
  "Oh... That your sl*t? "She asked again and I sensed trouble looming between the two ladies soon

  "Where's your guest room please? "
   "You're not a stranger in the house Claret"
  "Well it looks like am one now, at least I've always been a stranger in your life without knowing "

   Footsteps clicked on the stairs until it came towards us and that's when I turned to see Anna standing near me
  "See Claret... "
  "Claret is her name? "She interrupted almost pulling herself to me if not that I pushed her away 

   Claret turned and left for the guest room and that's when Anna turned to me
  "What's she doing here? "
"Here? "
  "Yes with her bags? "

  "Same thing you came to do here "
  "What!! "


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