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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Ten


  Is he kidding me? Am I some joke to him? To love me again just like the cheap girl that I am....

      I gave a short laugh staring at him, should I get angry with him? Get mad with him? Hit him? Slap him again or even spit on him? 

     "What... What... What did you just say? "I stammered out staring at him
   "Let's start all over again"
  "Are you insane? "
  "Claret.. "

  "Do you know the meaning of what you're saying? "
  "Yes "
  "You don't really know at all Val!! Love again? Five whole years and a love again!!isn't it? "

  Gosh! Am I some joke to him? Someone he can toil with just anyhow he wanted? 

  "Get out of my house now! "I yelled at him 
  "It haven't gotten to that"
  "To what! Val I hate you! And there will be no me and you again! "

  "Just go! Now! Leave me alone! I want to be alone!! "I yelled unend crying, I don't want to be consoled at all
  "Claret okay... Lemme put it this way, i'm sorry for everything I did to you and... "

  "Sorry for yourself and not me Val! For fuvk sake I'm a side chick of a bastard like you! "
  "You are making yourself seem that way that's all"

   "Really? "
  "Cla... "
  "Get the hell out!! "I yelled pushing him out of my house 
  Gosh! What sort of life is this? This is so wrong! I'm fuvking mad about this! 

What do they take me for? I shut the door on his face sobbing with my back leaning on the door 
   My heart hurts so much! How many days did he make me a fool? Five years! 

  Five whole years!! I breathed hard, I'm a fool and he wants to make me more foolish than I am 
   That won't happen at all! It won't! 

  I left for my room and to my bed, I lay down and not long after that, I slept off... 

🎶I don't see you like I should 

🎶You look some misunderstood 

🎶And I wish I could help but its hard when I hate myself 

🎶Pray that God will... My arms are open 

🎶This is eating...

... I feel hopeless

  "Sis "

Someone kept tapping at my arm and that made me to flutter my eyes open to see my sister sitting beside me on the bed 

   "Sis"she beamed at me and I sat up yawning 
  "Hey! "I mumbled to her 
  "Sup, thinking again? "

  "Psst! Am not"
  "Your face looks so much like it"
  My face fell again 
  "C'mon sis"she held me closer to herself 
  "Its not it... ''Tears brewed around my eyes 
  "Then what? You look unkempt! Look at your hair, your face and your clothes!! "

  "I'm pregnant for him"
  She stiffened staring at me
  "Are you... What! Are you sure about it? "
  I nodded and she began to laugh and jump around the whole room 

  "I have a niece or maybe nephew!! Wow! That's news "
  "Do you know whom the father is? "
  "Of course! Val!! "
  "And... And... You're happy about it? "

 I was surprised, I thought she would cry and yell cursing him under her breath and then advising me to lose this  baby and here she's thinking the opposite 

   "Look sis, "she sat down beside me "this is your time to fight for your man! "
  "Man!! Are you crazy?? "
  "Look, side chick or not? You're pregnant! "
  "My fellow girl is getting married to him! "

  "That's not your business?! The world has changed coupled with the fact that you have a baby for him! "
  I shook my head, I won't fight for something that am not sure I will win

   "I can't do it, what if he doesn't love me? "
  "Then you make him love you! You can't waste five years for nothing! At least your advantage is that baby sis!! Can't you see the point! "

  "What if I don't win? "
  "Am sure you will win unless that girl has a baby for him too"
  I'm sure of this 
  "Look sis, do you still love him or not? "

  "I still do"
  "Then be ready to fight for your man! "


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