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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 14

I stopped dancing all together. 
"Baby girl, you're good?" Daisy yelled, halting her steps. 
I winked at her. Flipping my long human hair weavon, I resumed dancing, signaling her all is well. 
I once again allowed the music to drawn me out. Forcing the trepidation away. I closed my eyes as my body blended with the music. That moment, I was lost. 
A fanatical tug by my side had me opening my eyes. Daisy squirmed close to me, jumping up and down, her hand coming up to cover her lips. She pointed, and my eyes followed. 
I could see him. I could freaking see him. 
With eyes wild open, I stared, spellbound. My treacherous eyes emitted tears which I quickly cleaned up before Daisy noticed. Oh heck, I had spoilt my makeup. He was in a black leather jacket and black pants. His hair cut was stylish. He wore huge neck golden chains with ringed fingers. I knew he hated them, he once told me himself. His smile was wide and contagious. That was the most I could see from here.
His other companion handed over the microphone to him. And the crowd went mad with delight.
His eyes scanned through the arena and for a foolish split second, I thought he would meet my eyes. 
I felt my mended, super glued, super tight heart was breaking again. 
I couldn't do this myself again. 
I wouldn't put myself through this stress again. 
I was a strong independent lady. 
I sure as heck didn't need him. 
At the sound of his sonorous voice, the crowd fell silent. I guess he wasn’t in the mood for many words today as he went straight into singing.
In his familiar haunting melody, he sang a song he titled GHOSTLY LURKING.
The mood of the atmosphere shifted into a heart wrenching, gloomy, melancholy…perfection. My cheesy, stony head remembered all those moments we shared. All those late nights I spent clinging to my cell like a comforter, hanging onto his next word. He made me feel extreme emotions. All those feelings were now a waste. 
He made me a promise to always stay by my side. But after a while he just pushed me aside. I hated him. I loved him. In the end, it didn't matter because I was done playing this game. 
I grabbed my purse. Coming here was a mistake. It only resurrected all those buried hard feelings. It was overwhelming me. 
Daisy was hanging onto his next words. I couldn't shout without becoming a sobbing mess. I brought out my phone and texted her. 
ME: I'm going outside babe, I need fresh air. 
She certainly wasn't convinced and thought I was joking. 
I texted again.
ME: I’ll be right back. Pinky swearrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 
She typed furiously. 
And my cell pinged. 
DAISY: You want me to tag along?
I shook my head. 
I would be fine. I mouthed.
DAISY: Hurry. 
That went well. 
I forced myself through the crowd, and finally stepped outside. I sluggish paced to the parking lot. My boots were annoying. They were shaky. And wobbly. I removed them. I didn't care how I looked. I held the boots as I trailed barefooted along the terrace walkway. So much of a night where I planned to get rid of my V-card. And make out with some stranger. I couldn't even keep my tears at bay. I wasn't as strong as I thought.

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