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(Camila and her celebrity online boyfriend - Her Prince Charming is an asshole)

Episode 13

We pushed ourselves into the concert arena, it was the largest stadium in ColdCliff city.
I'd never been to a concert before and I was nervous as heck. The crowd was intimidating. I'd never been in the midst of this many people and it scare me batshit. I think I might die from a nervous breakdown. And I sure as heck wouldn't under normal circumstance wear this ho red dress if Daisy hadn’t that the dress did fit me perfectly. She stressed I was more like a vixen in it, and when I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn't help but agree. I regretted every decision that led me here.
This night, my dear darling Daisy was someone else. I swear I couldn't recognize her when she walked out of her bedroom. She unfolded like a daisy under the summer sun. She was simply perfect. Though I doubt how she would walk in that mountain Everest for heels. 
This night, I would have fun. Get drunk. See Matteo. Make out with some stranger at the back of some car. Discard my V-card and be free. 
Then, for the rest of my life I would behave. Would be a good girl, I swear. 
Daisy handed over our tickets over, and held my hands, pulling me inside behind her, her tiny waist swaying at the loud hip-hop music. The party vibes was already hitting my nerves. I dropped all Mami's teachings at the door step and walked into this new realm. 
On this large stage, an artist was already performing. And the music was hot. Daisy, just like me, was a hustler. We pushed our way to a corner where we had a very nice view of the stage. I was excited. The nervous feeling was beginning to wear off. It wasn't hard to blend in with the crowd as no one cared or stared.
The laser illuminated arena was filled with dancing figures; with their hands in the air. This moment, I was carefree. So, I let the hell get loose. And I danced, exotically, not giving worrying myself with my uptight upbringing. Daisy and I twirled and grinded. I was an intoxicated woman. Drunk with this new sense of mental freedom. I striped myself of all my pain. I even forgot about Matteo. 
Oh, now I remember him. 
My Dancing shoes flattered, and a deep pit began forming at the depth of my stomach. Butterflies stretched their wings in my lower abdomen. A gut feeling stewed me in trepidation.
He's here. 
Matteo was here.
 I’d get the chance to see him for real.

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