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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 35🌹🗣
(Final Episode)

Tom's POV 🗣

‘He lied to me also'.Iris muttered as I handed her a can of diet Coke.

‘Bummer.Welcome to the losers club then'.I murmured and she sniffed lightly.

‘You know I wasn't gonna do anything about it,I wasn't gonna even take him back just immediately but Sofia was so happy that her daddy was good again'.

‘Iris i—

‘No don't say it Tom,don't say we like each other and that we can escape to some ice castle and live happily ever after'.She stopped me and my brows arched.

‘But isn't that what you want?? Iris you haven't given me a chance to prove that I—

‘Tom you don't get it do you?!! We don't need this right now! I moved over here to move on from Peter and heal and after some time to think I really haven't done that.Sex with you is awesome and all and I really do want something with you'.She said.

‘But you're not ready now,I totally get where you're coming from Iris and I also have to heal...I really just want to spend time with my son'.I chuckled nervously and she smiled.

‘So what are you going to do now??'.

‘I'm moving.Sell the house and then find a much farther place to stay and heal...Maybe go on a sabbatical'.She replied and patted my shoulder.

‘So this is goodbye??'.

‘No Tom... it's see you soon and when I come back..

‘I'll be waiting'.


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